Marchione Carved Top electric guitar

The design of the Marchione Carved Top Model dates back to 1993, when Stephen Marchione first opened his studio on 20th street in Manhattan. He made a few blonde carved tops with black hardware and the old style Marchione logo decal. 20 years later the discovery of a handful of the old decals inspired Marchione to bring back this carved top design. The MArchione Carved Top has the same sophisticated carving patterns used on Marchione's Archtops. All the hardware is proprietary Marchione designed.

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BC Rich MB 1 (Mason Bernard) electric guitar

B.C. RICH made the MB 1 (Mason Bernard) between 1990 -1992 and again 1998 and 1999. The MB 1 was an Assasin Series superstrat with, bolt-on maple neck and ebony fingerboard. Pickups were Seymour Duncans and the birdge was a Floyd Rose double locking tremolo.

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Takamine G-332S acoustic guitar

The Takamine G-332S was a solid spruce topped G-Series dreadnought with nato back and sides. The G-332S was discontinued around 2003

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Vox Starstream Type 1 electric guitar

The Vox Starstream Type 1 (VSS) was introduced in 2016 with a cutting edge design and instrument modelling electronics. The Vox Starstream Type 1 has a central body core made of mango wood. This central body has a teardrop shape reminiscent of the original Vox Starstream of the 1960s. The Starstream Type 1 has a 3D molded body frame contoured for comfort, whether playing seated or standing. Bolted to the mango body is a maple neck with 22-fret rosewood fingerboard.

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Takamine PB-30 acoustic bass

The Takamine PB-30 was an acoustic bass available in Japan in the mid to late 1990s. The PB-30 could be played on a strap, but also had an extendable floor spike which allowed you to play it like a traditional double bass. This model was available fretless (PB-30) or with frets (PB-30F). Finish was antique nutmeg satin.

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GIBSON Marauder Custom

Gibson Marauder Custom electric guitar

GIBSON manufactured the Marauder Custom between 1976 and 1978. The Marauder Custom was a fancier version of the Maurader and had bound fingerboard, block inlays and tobacco suburst finish. Although endorsed by Paul Stanley, relatively few were made in total.

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GIBSON SG Special Faded

Gibson SG Special Faded electric guitar

The Gibson SG Special Faded was introduced in 2002 as a less expensive version of the SG Special. Gibson use a pre-faded nitrocellulose satin finish for this guitar - in Worn Cherry and Worn Brown color. In 2002 the SG Special Faded had crescent moon shaped fingerboard inlays but Gibson changed these to dots after a year.

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Roscoe Guitars LG-3006 electric bass guitar

The Roscoe Guitars LG-3006 is the 6-string version of the LG-3000 bass. Like the other LG series basses the 3006 comes in Standard, Custom or Signaure versions, with different wood and hardware options. The body can be swamp ash, mahogany, Spanish cedar, or alder and with exotic wood tops on some versions. Various fretted and fretless fingerboards; Bartolini or Aguilar 3-band preamps. Pickups are Bartolini CB soapbar or J-style. The bridge is Hipshot B-style on Standard models and A-style on the others.

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Roscoe Guitars LG-3005 electric bass

The Roscoe Guitars LG-3005 is the 5-string version of the LG-3000. The LG-3005 has a small hand carved body, book matched figured maple (or other figured wood) top over choice of body woods, graphite and steel reinforced precision adjustable neck, lightweight Hipshot tuning keys in black, precision milled custom design bridge by Hipshot in black, hand carved GraphTech nut,  9 volt dual-pickup Bartolini electronics with volume, blend, bass and treble. 35" Scale - 24 Frets, string spacing: 1 3/4" at the nut 2 7/8" at the 24th fret.

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Patrick Eggle Berlin Pro electric guitar

The Patrick Eggle Berlin Pro was introduced around 1992 as one of the original Patrick Eggle designs. The Berlin Pro has a double cutaway mahogany body with carved figured maple top, set mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard. The neck is the standard Eggle profile. Before 1994 all Berlin Pro models had a Wilkinson tremolo bridge (the Berlin Plus being the non-tremolo version), but from 1994 on the Berlin Pro was designated the Berlin Pro V (with a Wilkinson VS 100 tremolo) or Pro-HT (with tune-o-matic bridge & stop tailpiece). A 24-fret version was also available.

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Prestige guitars was established in 2003, offering electric, acoustic and bass guitars. Their instruments are made in three stages: the initial phase is carried out in Vancouver, BC, middle phase at their partner facility in South Korea, and final setup back in Vancouver. They have a full Custom Shop which can build you the guitar of your dreams.


Venson AB880-NA acoustic bass guitar

The Venson AB880-NA was a 5-string acoustic bass guitar introduced in the early 2000s. This bass was also available with a 4-band EQ as the AB880EQ-NA model

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Ibanez PF20 acoustic guitar

IBANEZ produced the PF20 between 1986 and 1996. It was like the PF10 but had flamed maple back and sides.

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Ibanez PF40 acoustic guitar

IBANEZ produced the PF40 between 1986 and 1996. It was a Korean made dreadnought acoustic with flamed maple back and sides, and a spruce top. This model was also available with a flamed maple top as the PF40-FM model.

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Fernandes Japan Catalogs

Fernandes Japan catalogs dating from 1973 to 2012.


Fernandes LE-2G electric guitar

The Fernandes LE-2G was identical to the LE-2, but had gold hardware and was available with gold finish as an option.

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FERNANDES made the LE-2N from 1997 to 1998. It was a classic Stratocaster style guitar - like the LE-2, but the LE-2N had an ash body with blond finish, tortoiseshell pickguard and a hard-tail bridge. Pickups were three Fernandes VS-4 single coils and the LE-2N came with an optional factory fitted Fernandes Sustainer System.

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Fernandes LE-2 electric guitar

The Fernandes LE-2 was made between 1991 and 1998. The LE-2 was based on the vintage Stratocaster design and aimed to replicate the classic feel and tone of that instrument. The LE-2 was available with gold hardware (as the LE-2G) or chrome hardware (LE-2 or LE-2N) and in right or left handed configuration. The LE-2N had an ash body (with brighter tone) and a tortoiseshell pickguard. Pickups were three Fernandes VS-4 single coils. Available with the Fernandes Sustainer System as a factory fitted option.

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The Samick SSM-10 was like the SSM1, 2 and 3 but was fitted with Wilkinson VS50 Tremolo out of the factory!

my one has beed fitted with Fender pick ups!


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Samick MB 3 electric guitar

The Samick MB 3 introduced in the early 2000s was a Malibu Series stratocaster style electric with - Bolt on neck, alder body, maple Fgbd, Duncan Designedª SSS, Wilkinsonª trem, Groverª tuners, vintage pickguard, 1 vol, 2 tone, 5 way switch. Available Colors: MWR, MR, PW, MDB.

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