Gibson J-60 acoustic guitar

The first J-60 was produced by GIBSON in 1992. The J-60 was nicknamed "the bone crusher" due to its powerful square shouldered dreadnought design with Sitka spruce top and rosewood back and sides. Inside Gibson used their advanced 1930’s-style bracing. Although it was discontinued for a while in 1998, the J-60 was reissued for a limited time in 2013.

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Kramer Nightswan (Vivian Campbell) electric guitar

KRAMER introduced the Nightswan in 1987 as a Vivian Campbell Signature model. The Nightswan was based on the custom Shredder guitar built from Warmoth parts by Buddy Blaze for Campbell in the mid 1980s. This guitar had a scaled down super strat body had a 24.75" scale length bolt-on neck with reverse headstock, two Seymour Duncan humbuckers (in the bridge and middle positions). The dot fingerboard inlays have an unusual diagonal vertical spacing

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Kramer Paul Dean Signature electric guitar

Kramer introduced the Paul Dean model in 1986 and discontinued it in 1988. This neck-through superstrat was the signature model of Paul Dean - the guitarist from Canadian rock band Loverboy and you can see it in Harvest Yellow finish on the video for "Heaven In Your Eyes". The Paul Dean model had a mahogany strat shaped body with slightly squared horns. The pickups were HSS configuration: with a Seymour Ducan JB humbucker and the bridge and two Seymour Duncan Vintage Staggered Single Coils.

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Parker NiteFly NFV2 electric guitar

PARKER manufactured the NITEFLY (NFV2) between 1996 and 1998. It was like the NFV1 but with a DiMarzio humbucker and 2 single coil pickups. The NiteFly was Parker's first bolt-on neck guitar. It had a solid contoured maple body and shared many of the Parker Fly's advanced features like a basswood neck reinforced with Parker's patented carbon fiber/glass/epoxy composite. And a fingerboard made of the same smooth, stable and durable composite material as the neck.

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Kramer Riche Sambora Signature electric guitar

KRAMER made the RICHIE SAMBORA SIGNATURE model as part of their Artist Series between 1987 and 1989. This model was a super-strat based on the old pacer body shape but with a more rounded edge. A distinctive star shaped sticker adorns the top of the body and there are matching star shaped fingerboard inlays. Pickups are three Seymour Duncan Jazz (SH-2) humbuckers (JBs at the bridge and middle with a JN in the neck position). This model was discontinued in 1989 when Sambora agreed a Fender signature deal.

Kramer described the Riche Sambora model as follows in 1987:

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Martin OM-28 Marquis acoustic guitar

The Martin OM-28 Marquis (Special Edition) was introduced in 2005 - with approximately 100 made in total. It has simple pre-war Golden Era styling and a 1.75" wide neck that makes it ideal for finger style players. Other features include: double bound 000 body with an Adirondack spruce top, forward-shifted X-braces and select Indian Rosewood for the sides, back and head plate. The mahogany neck has a soft V profile joining the body at the 14th fret. The ebony fretboard has abalone slotted diamond inlays and 20 frets.

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PRS Brazilian Series McCarty

PRS Brazillian Series McCarty (2003) electric guitar

The PRS Brazilian series McCarty model was introduced in 2003 as a limited edition of 500 instruments. This model had a Brazilian rosewood fretboard and headstock overlay, pink heart abalone birds and signature, the word “Brazilian” is inlayed on the face of the headstock in green abalone ripple, gold/nickel hybrid hardware configuration, 10 top (flamed or quilted maple) only. The neck was mahogany or optional East Indian rosewood. PRS finish groups C,D and G were available and all these Brazilian McCartys were signed and numbered on the back plate.

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Line 6 DL-4

Line 6 DL-4 delay modeller

The Line 6 DL-4 was introduced in 2000 as a delay modeller - designed to emulate 16 classic delay and echo pedals including the Maestro EP-1 Echoplex, T.C. Electronic 2290, Roland RE-101 Space Echo and Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man. The DL-4 has a 14-second looper with ½ speed and reverse modes. Controls are four footswitches for saving and recalling sounds, and six knobs for selecting models and tweaking parameters, with distinct assignments for each knob depending on the delay model selected.

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Gibson Doves in Flight (2015) acoustic guitar

The Gibson Doves In Flight model is a version of the Gibson Dove with extra ornamentation. The 2014 version of the Gibson Doves in Flight has 28 individually engraved dove inlays—seven on the headstock, 16 on the fingerboard, three on the pickguard, and two on the bridge—each with its own original design, and all hand-cut from abalone pearl. This model was available from the Gibson Custom Shop for a limited time in 1998 (with 250 models made) and again in 2014.

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Peavey Predator Plus (1999-2002) electric guitar

PEAVEY produced the PREDATOR PLUS between 1999 and 2002. The design was a combination of stratocaster and Wolfgang.  The Peavey Predator Plus had a short 3-on-a-side headstock with ergonomic tuner placement and straight string pull.  To balance up the reduced neck weight, the solid poplar body was styled for better ergonomics and balance by reducing the length of the lower body horn. Other features included:

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Fender Jaco Pastorius Jazz Basses

Jaco Pastorius was a legendary bass player who played with Weather Report and Joni Mitchell. Jaco's best known bass was his sunburst-finish fretless 1962 Jazz Bass nicknamed the Bass of Doom, originally fretted but Jaco removed the frets. Pastorius finished the fretboard with marine epoxy to protect the wood from the round wound Rotosound Swing 66 strings he used.

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Gibson Alvin Lee "Big Red" signature model electric guitar

The Gibson Alvin Lee signature model is based on Lee's 1959 ES-335 "Big Red", with its replacement '60s block inlay slim taper neck and  extra single coil pickup in the center position. This guitar was immortalised on film when Alvin Lee played at Woodstock with Ten Years After and Gibson have reproduced it carefully including the stickers and faded cherry finish. The pickups on this guitar are two classic '57 humbuckers without covers (Alvin Lee took off the covers on the original to improve the tone) and a single coil Seymour Duncan.

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Peavey Mystic Electric Guitar

PEAVEY manufactured the MYSTIC between 1983 and 1986. The neck is made from hard rock maple using Peavey's patented bilamination construction to prevent twisting and warping. Inside the neck, between the two maple laminates is a fully adjustable steel truss rod - with rolled threads. This truss rod is adjustable at the nut end, using Peavey's adjustment tool.

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Heritage Alvin Lee electric guitar

The Heritage ALVIN LEE MODEL was the ES-335 style semi-hollow bodied signature model of Alvin Lee and is based on Lee's iconic  "Big Red" 1958 Gibson ES-335. The Heritage Alvin Lee Model was made from 1993 to 1996 and had a cream bound solid curly maple top and back with solid curly maple sides. The set neck was one piece mahogany, cream bound with a 24.75" scale length and ebony fingerboard with dot inlays.

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Peavey Razer electric guitar

PEAVEY produced the RAZER between 1983 and 1986. The neck is made from hard rock maple using Peavey's patented bilamination construction to prevent twisting and warping. Inside the neck, between the two maple laminates is a fully adjustable steel truss rod - with rolled threads. This truss rod is adjustable at the nut end, using Peavey's adjustment tool. the guitar has a slant peg head design, with all six machineheads in a straight line.

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Guild X-100 Bladerunner electric guitar

The X-100 BLADERUNNER was made between 1984 and 1985. Relatively few were made, around 100 in total. It had a distinctive Explorer style body with triangular cut-outs and a 6-a-side pointed headstock. Hardware was a Kahler locking tremolo with a single EMG humbucking pickup, all finished in black. Single volume and tone controls. The bladerunner model was designed by David Newell and Andrew Desrosiers of Cohoes, NY (David Andrew Design Research).

The 1985 Schecter Genesis G6 Illusion uses the same basic design, licensed from David Andrew Design Research.

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Epiphone Embassy Deluxe electric bass guitar

Epiphone made the Embassy Deluxe bass from 1963 to 1969, with around 500 produced in total in the Gibson Kalamazoo factory. The Embassy Deluxe was the Epiphone version of the Gibson Thunderbird bass and it had a double cutaway solid mahogany body with set mahogany neck. Pickups were 2 Gibson Thunderbird IV humbuckers controlled by individual volume controls and a single tone control. The tune-o-matic bridge had a built in felt mute. This bass had both a hand rest over the middle pickup and an ebony finger rest.

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Ibanez SR885 electric bass guitar

Production of the Ibanez SR885 began in 1991 and ended in 2003. It was the 5-string version of the SR800. This bass had two jazz bass style active pickups: Ibanez LO-J5  or Ibanez ADX. The bridge was a  Gotoh 5-string bridge or AccuCast B25 bridge. These typically finished in black or metallic blue, but early models also had red, laser blue or royal blue finish options.

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Martin D-50 Koa Deluxe Limited Edition (2003) acoustic guitar

Martin's “Style 50” represents the highest level of ornamentation and elegance in the Martin line. The first D-50 Deluxe was constructed with Brazilian rosewood back and sides and introduced in 2001. Following on the success of those instruments, Martin introduced a second generation of this special style in 2003. The D-50 Koa Deluxe Limited Edition was made with Hawaiian koa back and sides, and like its predecessor, limited to no more than 50 special guitars, each individually numbered and personally signed by Martin Chairman and CEO, C. F. Martin IV.

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Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass V (5-string) Ash

Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass Ash V 5-string bass guitar

The Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass Ash V was introduced in 2004. Available with pau ferro fingerboard (model #0194760) or maple fingerboard (model #0194762). Pickups are 2 Samarium Cobalt Noiseless N3 5-String Jazz Bass Pickups. Notable features include: Posiflex™ Graphite Neck Support Rods, 18 Volt Power Supply, 5-Bolt Neck Plate, Contoured Heel for Easier Access to Upper Frets, Two Hipshot String Trees, 4 Over 1 Under Tuning Machine Array, Abalone Dot Position Inlays, Rolled Fingerboard Edges, and Highly Detailed Nut and Fret Work.

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