PEAVEY T-27 Limited #01514909

1983 Peavey T-27 Limited

1983 Peavey T-27 Limited. Natural finish.

Obtained on E-Bay. in June of 2015. No wear except a slight bit of buckle rash and a non-original truss rod cover.


GUILD T-50 Slim

Guild T-50 Slim electric guitar

The Guild T-50 Slim is a 2015 reissue of the 1960s thin-body arched maple top T-50 Cordoba model. The T-50 Slim is part of the Newark St. series and has an arched maple back, maple sides, and sunburst finish.The T-50 Slim has other nice design touches from the 1960s original including a Guild lyre tailpiece, center-domed headstock, stepped pickguard and ivoroid binding, The single pickup is a low output P-90 style single-coil unit. At 16 inches wide and 1.75 inches deep this reissue is slightly smaller and thinner than the original.

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Epiphone F-45 Cortez

Gibson reintroduced the Epiphone FT-45 in 1958 as the Kalamazoo made FT-45 Cortez model. This model was the equivalent of the Gibson B-25 and had mahogany neck, back and sides, unlike the original 1940s FT-45's walnut back and sides and cherry neck.

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GIBSON ES-175T reviewed by Rulrand Wiehl

Average: 5 (1 vote)


I own a 1976, I think is the year. Nice wine red. They only made them for 4 years. It is a great guitar in every way. Easy to play on a comfortable mid girth neck. Extremely resonant on it's own ,unamplified, and sounds great through a Fender or Marshall with obviously different impact for each. Great for rock, blues, lead, rhythm, or jazz. I have a few nice guitars and go to this one more often than the others, so that tells me something. Compare it to my Gibson cs446, Guild Nightbird, 72 Fender tele thinline which are the others of that era, more or less.

ESP XJ-12 reviewed by Ron Payne

Average: 4 (1 vote)


I've only had it a week, but it plays well, sounds great and seems to keep its tune. Intonation is good without any adjustment (may have been done by previous owner). Color is great - a dark brown 'rootbeer' sparkle with a white marbleized pickguard

YAMAHA FG410 A reviewed by Braindancer

Average: 3 (1 vote)


I own several of these "Yammie lammies" (laminated-top Yamaha's, it most often specifically refers to the run of cream-label Yamaha spruce-lam acoustics made in Taiwan). To a lesser extent, the later Korean and Indonesian-made Yamaha's represent similar value, from what I've seen. At the time this was made, I believe it was the bottom-of-the-line Yamaha 12-string.


The Waverly Music Products Company was founded in the 19th century. Located at 18 Eleventh Street, Long Island City, New York they made metal instrument parts for other manufacturers including tailpieces, tuners and banjo rings and also accessories like lap steel slides. In the 1970s Waverly was acquired by Stewart-MacDonald.


Stewart MacDonald started out selling banjo heads in 1968 and has grown into the premier supplier of luthier tools and instrument parts.

Circuits to Cure Cancer

Circuits to Cure Cancer is a group of guitar pedal builders, retailers, reviewers, and musicians who have donated either their products or their time to help raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in Tennessee. St. Jude's specializes in treatment and research hospital for serious diseases of childhood - particularly children's cancer.

Link: buy FX pedals and raise money for charity at 


Take your pick from this extensive range of Gibson 1939 guitar flat-picks. They came in all shapes and sizes - from the long and skinny #70 to the triple edged #73, most were celluloid but some were felt or even genuine tortoiseshell.

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The Vox Valvetronix range of amps was designed to use the advantages of both solid state and valve circuitry to make a warm authentic sounding amp that is easy to maintain and with plenty of features for the modern player including amp modeling to emulates the circuitry of other popular amplifiers.

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Multum Guitars aims to be a comprehensive guitar catalog of technical specifications, video reviews and user feedback about guitars.


This mystery guitar was submitted by JD Glass. JD bought in in a Nashville garage sale but only part of the soundhole label remains. Here is the story


The Baldwin 700 series was introduced as an affordable range of semi-hollow bodied electrics desgined by James Ormston Burns. The bodies were made in Italy as were some of the hardware components, but the necks made in the UK or USA and final assembly was done in the USA.  The series included two six-string models - the 706 and 706V (with vibrato), a 12-string 712 model and the model 704 bass.

According to Baldwin's promotional flyer for the 700 series:

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HERALD HL34 reviewed by Anonymous

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Bought one second hand , put it in the bin 2 days later


Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer Reissue, overdrive effects pedal

The original Ibanez TS-9 was discontinued in 1984. But by the early 1990s used TS-9s were selling for 100s of dollars - so it was no surprise when in 1992 Ibanez decided to reissue the TS-9. Although there was some resistance to this idea within Ibanez company a stubborn brand manager managed to make it happen and within weeks of its re-release 5,000 TS9s had been sold.The reissues are a faithful copy of the original pedals.

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IBANEZ AW112 NT #unknown

Ibanez Artwood 112 NT

Purchased at the local Guitar Center for $199.99. Fantastic Instrument! Just goes to show you don't need to drop $1,700 on a new Taylor to get a Quality 12 string with a HUGE sound. I know it has a Solid Top. Back and sides not Sure. If it is Laminated they did a great job matching the wood grain. Looks solid to me. Like I said Huge sound. Easy to play Massive Sustain. Excellent Guitar.

YAMAHA FG402 reviewed by krystal

Average: 4 (1 vote)


the guitar is very solid. It has a nice low end and rings out nicely the neck is very low set, the action is good. I would recommend this to someone who needs a good sounding acoustic and is also on a budget. this guitar is very versatile and I look forward to keeping it for a while. It has a nice weight to it unlike new guitars.
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