Fender Stratocaster with rosewood fingerboard electric guitar

Fender introduced the rosewood fingerboard option for the stratocaster in 1959. The rosewood board had the clay dot position markers. These earliest rosewood fingerboards were slab boards - flat across the bottom. In 1962 Fender changed to using veneer rosewood fingerboards - these were thinner and curved accross the bottom and used less of the precious rosewood supplies. Around the same time this model was introduced in 1959 the Stratocaster pickguard was changed from single ply to the three-ply celluloid than oftern aged to a minty green color.

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ALVAREZ YAIRI DY 61 SIGNATURE reviewed by Tele-kinetic

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1990 DY61 bought 10 years ago. Just a lovely instrument. My first attempt to buy a quality acoustic and I feel very lucky that a friend told me about Yairi guitars. I then read about the shop in a Japanese mountain village where generations of Yairi family craftsmen made their instruments by hand.


Epiphone Olympic Custom electric guitar

The Epiphone Olympic Custom was made for the Japanese domestic market only. It had the Les Paul double cutaway body shape of the  early Epiphone Olympic Double and the Epiphone Olympic Special. The Japanese Olympic Custom had a radical German Carve around the edge of the body, no pickguard and two humbucking pickups. The Olympic Custom came with either a wraparound bridge or a tune-o-matic plus vibrato tailpiece. The pickup selector was strangely positioned directly behind the bridge such that the strings went right over the top of it on models with a vibrato tailpiece!

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Epiphone Olympic Double (1965-1970) electric guitar

EPIPHONE produced the OLYMPIC DOUBLE between 1960 and 1970 - it was the two pickup version of the Olympic Single. It started out with a Les Paul style double cutaway body, tortoise shell pickguard and melody maker style headstock from 1960 until 1962. The body style was changed in 1963 to an offset double cutaway Coronet style design with a larger white pickguard. The original LP style double cutaway body was retained as the Olympic Special model from 1962 onwards.

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Ibanez GWB1005 electric bass guitar

The Ibanez GWB1005 Gary Willis Signature bass was introduced in 2009, replacing the GWB105 signature model.  The GWB1005 is hand crafted from start to finish in Japan. There are a few changes from the previous GWB105 model: it has a black-faced headstock which no longer bears a Gary Willis signature. Now the signature is on the back electronics cover (each one is hand signed by Willis). The fretless fingerboard is now high gloss finished rosewood (instead of the GWB105's ebonol). The detachable finger ramp, designed by Gary Willis, is still there.

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Ibanez GWB2 electric bass

The Ibanez GWB2 Gary Willis Signature model was introduced in 1999 as the fretted version of the GWB1. The GWB2 was available in transparent black finish only and was discontinued in 2002.

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Gibson ES-775 archtop electric guitar

The Gibson ES-775 is one of Gibson's lesser known archtops. The Gibson ES-775 was introduced in 1990 as a much fancier version of the ES-175, with upgrades including an ebony fingerboard and knobs, gold hardware, multi-bound headstock, deeper cutaway, trapeze tailpiece with ebony insert and slotted block fingerboard inlays. The neck pickup is moved right next to the end of the fingerboard to get a even mellower jazz tone than on the ES-175.

Gibson described the ES-775 as follows in their 1990 catalog:

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Schecter PT Standard blonde finish electric guitar

Schecter introduced the PT Standard in 2015 as part of the California Vintage series. The PT Standard is an ash bodied telecaster style electric with two single coil pickups: a Schecter Diamond MonsterTone VT at the bridge and a Schecter Diamond VT-1 at the neck. It is available in blonde finish with black pickguard or sunburst finish with pearloid pickguard.

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Schecter California Vintage Series

Schecter Guitar Research pays homage to its origins in a Van Nuys repair shop in California with its Schecter California Vintage Series. In that shop David Schecter supplied an increasing variety of replacement Fender spare parts until it became possible to build an entire guitar from Schecter parts. Introduced in 2015, the Korean made Schecter California Vintage Series guitars are based on the classic Fender stratocaster and telecaster designs offering a familiar feel, style, and playability at an affordable price.

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Schecter Guitars Catalogs

Historical catalogs for Schecter guitars dating back to 2000.

The World of Musical Instruments Brochures

The World of Musical Instruments Brochures is a collection of mainly Japanese musical instrument catalogs including: Aria Pro-II, B.C.Rich, Epiphone, Fender, Fender Japan, Fernandes, Fresher, Fuji Roland (GR), Greco, Guyatone, Heerby, Ibanez, Kasuga, Kawai, Moon, Musicman, Orville by Gibson, Rickenbacker, Tokai, Yamaha,


Schecter PT Vintage electric guitar

Schecter introduced the PT Vintage in 2004 as a Korean made version of the PT with rosewood fingerboard and traditional telecaster style single coil pickups. The concept of the PT series was built around Pete Townshend's humbucker equipped Schecter Telecaster - but the PT vintage was more of a straight up telecaster copy. Perhaps that is why these orginal Korean single coil PTs were not made in great numbers and are relatively hard to find these days. Schecter reintroduced this model in 2015 as the Schecter California Vintage PT Standard.

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Vigier Excalibur Ultra Blues

Vigier Excalibur Ultra Blues electric guitar

The Vigier Excalibur Ultra Blues model was launched in 2001 - ten years after the first Excalibur models. The Vigier Excalibur Ultra Blues is a flame maple topped superstrat with HSS DiMarzio Virtual Vintage pickups. It has a bolt-on neck using Vigier's 10/90 System (10% carbon, 90% wood). The bridge is a non-locking Vigier 2011 tremolo, tuning stability is enhanced by locking tuners.

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Ibanez GA15-3Q classical guitar

The Ibanez GA15-3Q is a three-quarter sized version of the GA15 classical guitar. The GA15-3Q features fan braced cedar top, mahogany back-sides-neck, rosewood fingerboard & bridge, black body binding, eye catching rosewood rosette, 19 frets and natural gloss finish.

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Fantastic instrument!


Rickenbacker 430 electric guitar

The Rickenbacker 430 was a Rickenbacker entry level solid body electric introduced in 1971 and discontinued in 1982. It has a double cutaway body similar in shape to the later 230 models. While the 430 was a budget model, being a Rickenbacker it's a well-made instrument, but lacking some of the fancy features of the higher end models.

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Fender Montego II electric guitar

The Montego II (made from 1968 to 1974) was the two pickup version of the Montego. The Montengos were high end archtop electric jazz guitars (one level below the Fender Ltd model) designed by Roger Rossmeisl. The Montego had a pressed spruce top and chrome hardware and came in both one (Montego I) and two pickup (Montego II) versions. Although fully hollow bodied they still had the characteristic bolt-on Fender neck but with a tilted back headstock (unusually for Fender). The pickup was a humbucker developed for a jazz sound, designed by Freddie Tavares.

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