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  • acoustic guitars

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1995 to 1998

ALVAREZ made the 5055 BLUESMAN between 1995 and 1998


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2011$275excellentSonny BellGreat sound.....easy to play. Would like it better if it were A/E. Still, a great looking and great performing guitar.
1996$400goodewaggreat playing ... A plus with brass nut & brass bridge pins
2012$350goodSlimwhitt22I bought this guitar mainly because it's such a great looking guitar. However, after getting it home restringing it and sitting down and playin it for a while I'm very happy with the way it sounds. I've spent much more on guitars that don't play and sound this good.

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ALVAREZ 5055 BLUESMAN reviewed by Anonymous

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I bought this guitar from my local pawn shop this past wednesday, and it is amazing, it has a rich bass, excellent playability, and is just downright beautiful altogether.

ALVAREZ 5055 BLUESMAN reviewed by Anonymous

Average: 5 (1 vote)
Purchased for $100 with case, installed a bone nut and pins, added D'Adderio light strings and WOW!!! Next will probably be a fishman pickup or even a LR Baggs. Very surprised and excited! A great picking guitar, and a great second guitar, not to mention it turns heads!!

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Had installed an under the

Had installed an under the saddle pick-up in my Bluesman, with the pin out the back where the strap peg is and it sounds Really good!


Man, this is sorta cool, I have a Bluesman with factory electronics, but I also have an Aria Pro II Dove that I did the same way you did your Bluesman.  Came across this thread as I'm in the market to sell the Bluesman....and didn't realize what it may be worth.....