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The PAC 311 MS (Mike Stern) was discontinued by YAMAHA in 2003. It had one Hot Rail pickup and one conventional humbucker.


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YAMAHA PAC 311 MS reviewed by Alan H

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This is a really excellent instrument with flawless build quality. Naturally, I have had the guitar set up the way I prefer, also removing the scratchy screws from the saddles (a recommended mod). I use D'dario 10's and play this guitar mainly through my American Peavey Bandit. So happens that our lead player also has one of these guitars, bought 4 years before we had even met up! He has replaced the pickups with Seymours which is a mod he does on every guitar he has, and hes says it improves the output considerably. I am not likely to do this as I mainly play electro acoustic for much of our sets, whilst the 311 works fine. The action and feel is great, balance across strings all good, and the tone is very good. A great looking instrument that I look after. I have had it 8 years and it still looks new.

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