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This is my secret supply of esoteric, cool, weird, cheesy, strange, bizarre and unusual guitars on eBay! To use it first choose your guitar category by clicking on the upper row of tabs (USA-vintage, British, Italian ... ) and then choose your local eBay site by clicking on the lower row of tabs (USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France or Italy). If you think of other brands or models that could be added to the list of cool guitars, post your suggestions on the forum

Currently searching for italian guitars :pagelli, vox, Meazzi, Masetti, Dynelectron, Ariston, Excelsior, Carmelo, Gherson, Crucianelli, Bigson, Krundaal, Galanti, Gemelli, Stonehenge II, Wandre, Davoli, Framez, Eko, Zerosette, Marinucci, Dega, Morbidoni, D Scala, Marinucci, Avanti, Welson

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