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  • electric guitars

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1978 to 1984

The DAION POWER SERIES MARK XX was a through neck solid body electric guitar, made in Japan between around 1978 and 1984.

It has a 9 piece laminated through body neck of alternating rosewood and maple. Select ash body with rosewood lamination (tan finish models) or maple lamination (other colors)

It has a ivory celluloid bound ebony fingerboard with brass dot markers, brass nut and saddles. Pickups are a pair of Daion Humbuckers with black exposed bobbins. The 1982 Daion catalog describes them as original powered humbuckers with triple anti tilt screw system.The pickup selector switch gives neck only, both or bridge only options. The Les Paul style knobs are pairs of individual volume and tone controls for each pickup and there are individual pickup coiltap switches.

The bound headstock has a brass truss rod cover with "Power mark XX" on it. A gold DAION logo on the front and a black Daion logo on the back. The serial number is printed in white on the reverse of the headstock. Tuners are three a side, heavy duty Rotomatic-type machine heads, gold coloured and marked with the Daion logo. It has a massive string through body fixed bridge with brass saddles.

Available in tan, wine red, brown or dark green finishes. The power mark XX sold for $799 new in 1982.

Source: 1982 Daion catalog.


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2009$1576goodSold by Pawnshop in Hendersonville, North Carolina.
1985$400newBought new at guitar shop in Mena, Ark. Store couldn't sell it because it wasn't Les Paul or Strat. I fell in love with it.
2012R1000goodE j LateganExcept for some small shallow dents its a beauty in its case . The spec sticker is still inside the greenish case . Its a bass . Mark xx B
2008kr0poorAndre JonassenGot it for free from a friend. Had it sent in and fixed, cost me about 200 dollars (in Norwegian about 1600 kr)

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