EKO 100


Brand name: 


  • electric guitars

Dates of manufacture: 

1960 to 1973

The Eko 100 model was a low cost, thin hollow-bodied guitar with f holes. Over the years it came in various configurations including acoustic, single pickup and two pickups.  Some have a single pickup selector switches, others have a row of push buttons. The hollow body is unbound: fancier versions were available as 200 or 300 with binding and better hardware.

The bolt on neck has a rosewood fingerboard with white dot markers. The neck is laminated constuction mahogany with three central laminations. The headstock is paddle shaped with three a side tuners, 3 on a strip style with open gears. The bridge is an adjustable floating bridge with tailpiece.

It was a very successful model for Eko, first appearing around 1960 and continuing under various names and configurations into the 1970s. For example the same body shape and style appeared later as the Escort (acoustic) and Commander (electric) models.

Link: Eko 100/200/300 series on www.fetishguitars.com


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