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  • acoustic guitars

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Dates of manufacture: 

1993 to 1995

Production of the 1000 SX began in 1993 and ended in 1995


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2012$10poorMercerI bought this from a homeless guy for ten bucks. I guess he needed a fix. I would have wanted him to keep her but he'd just end selling. So i thought I'd give her a home. She had blemishes,a waxy look on parts that i can't clean off. I don't want to be rough. Also she's cracked from the bottom front going up to the tail piece. And a inch square hole right at the bottom front as well. She sounds great though. I have an electric Epiphone Les Paul Special and if i ever by some horrendous situation have to sell, she would take the bullet. Id keep my fender though. Just curious what my treasure might be perceived to others not that it really matters. Thanks
2014$1500goodGabriel WhitemanRare find. Handmade in Taiwan.

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