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GUILD T-50 Slim

Guild T-50 Slim electric guitar

The Guild T-50 Slim is a 2015 reissue of the 1960s thin-body arched maple top T-50 Cordoba model. The T-50 Slim is part of the Newark St. series and has an arched maple back, maple sides, and sunburst finish.The T-50 Slim has other nice design touches from the 1960s original including a Guild lyre tailpiece, center-domed headstock, stepped pickguard and ivoroid binding, The single pickup is a low output P-90 style single-coil unit. At 16 inches wide and 1.75 inches deep this reissue is slightly smaller and thinner than the original.

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The Baldwin 700 series was introduced as an affordable range of semi-hollow bodied electrics desgined by James Ormston Burns. The bodies were made in Italy as were some of the hardware components, but the necks made in the UK or USA and final assembly was done in the USA.  The series included two six-string models - the 706 and 706V (with vibrato), a 12-string 712 model and the model 704 bass.

According to Baldwin's promotional flyer for the 700 series:

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Crescent Stratocaster Copy electric guitar

The Crescent Strat copy is a budget electric guitar aimed at beginners. It has a double cutaway stratocaster shaped basswood body (available in many color options), a bolt on 22 fret neck, three single coil pickups, controlled by one volume knob and two tone knobs. This guitar is often supplied in a starter pack which includes: Starter Amplifier, Amp Cable, Carry Case, Shoulder Strap, spare String, Tremolo Bar, Picks, and a clip-on Digital Tuner.

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Rickenbacker (Electro String) Model B Spanish guitar

Rickenbacker Electro String Spanish Model B Bakelite electric guitar

The Rickenbacker Electro String Model B was the Spanish version of the molded Bakelite Model B Hawaiian Guitar. Electro String introduced them in the summer of 1935. It was available as a six string standard model or a four string tenor guitar. These first Bakelite Spanish Guitars had a detachable necks with twenty-three frets. These frets were a molded part of the finger board: when they wore out the player had to replaced the whole neck.

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Rickenbacker Spanish

Rickenbacker Spanish, electric archtop guitar

The Rickenbacker Spanish (SP model) was an arch-top acoustic-electric guitar with a maple body and a spruce top. The necks and bodies were made for Rickenbacker by another company (possibly Harmony or Gibson). The SP was made from the mid 1940s until 1950, when it was discontinued due to the high cost of the OEM bodies. The SP featured an arched spruce top with maple back and sides, a bound neck with block inlays, adjustable bridge, trapeze tailpiece and a horseshoe pickup with single tone and volume controls. The headstock featured a large t-shaped logo plate.

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GIBSON 335-S (Reissue)

Gibson 335-S solid bodied electric guitar with sunburst finish

Gibson reissued the 335-S Standard model in 2011 as the 335-S. The 335-S is a solid maple bodied version of the ES-335TD, with slightly smaller and thinner body but with the same hardware and controls. Desgined for players who want the look and feel of the legendary ES-335, but need a smaller, sleeker, solidbody guitar. The 335-S is finished with nitrocellulose Vintage Sunburst or Silverburst finish, pickups are "reverse-zebra-striped" burstbuckers.

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