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Fernandes Decade SID - Shinji electric guitar

The Fernandes Decade SID Shinji model has a sunburst Decade Jazz-master style body is a signature guitar of Shinji from the Japanese visual kei rock band SID. The Fernandes Decade SID Shinji model has three VS-500 single coil pickups controlled by a single volume and a 5-way selector switch.  The bridge is a vintage style GOTOH 510TS tremolo. Unusual features include a black colored middle pickup, quirky square inlays and custom SID 12th fret inlay.

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The Fernandes Decade Series was introduced in 1997. The design of the Decade guitars was inspired by classic Fender models, like the Jazz-master and Stratocaster but with some modern revisions. When introduced there were three models. The Decade-J1 with a classic alder body, maple neck and rosewood fingerboard with three single coils. The Decade-A1 was similar to the J1 but had a smaller sleeker body and one less tone control. The Decade A2 had the same body design as the A1 but had a fixed bridge and two humbucking pickups. In 1997 all Decades had a Fernandes Sustainer pickup option.

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Hamer Californian Doubleneck (1990) electric guitar

HAMER made the CALIFORNIAN DOUBLENECK (MODEL GDNS) from the early to mid 1990s. It was a double-necked version of the Californian Elite. The twin neck Californian could be ordered in any number of configurations, the six/twelve string being the most popular. In contrast to the bolt on construction of the single necked Californians the Californian Doublenecks neck-joint was a glued dovetail each of which was hand carved to remove any heel block.

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Hamer Californian Cal (1999) electric guitar

The CALIFORNIAN (MODEL CAL) was produced by HAMER in the 1990s as part of their Korean made Import Series. Earlier Slammer Series Californians had mahogany bodies but these 2nd generation Import Series Californian CALs had maple bodies and one piece maple necks. In 2001 this model was replaced by the Californian Deluxe - which was identical but with boomerang fingerboard markers. A later XT Series Californian CAL was also available with two EMG humbuckers and abalone binding.

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GIBSON manufactured the ALL AMERICAN II between 1996 and 1998. The design was based on the early Melody Makes, but it had chrome tuners, no scratch plate, rear-mounted controls and a tremolo bridge. It had two high output single coil pickups. The following information about the Gibson All American II was contributed by a guitar-list.com visitor. The Gibson All American II is an unusual model for Gibson, produced in Nashville Tennessee only in the mid 1990s. The body shape is similar to Non-SG shaped Melody Makers or a 1959 Les Paul Junior Special.

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Fender Stratocaster with rosewood fingerboard electric guitar

Fender introduced the rosewood fingerboard option for the stratocaster in 1959. The rosewood board had the clay dot position markers. These earliest rosewood fingerboards were slab boards - flat across the bottom. In 1962 Fender changed to using veneer rosewood fingerboards - these were thinner and curved across the bottom and used less of the precious rosewood supplies. Around the same time this model was introduced in 1959 the Stratocaster pickguard was changed from single ply to the three-ply celluloid than often aged to a minty green color.

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Epiphone Olympic Custom electric guitar

The Epiphone Olympic Custom was made for the Japanese domestic market only. It had the Les Paul double cutaway body shape of the  early Epiphone Olympic Double and the Epiphone Olympic Special. The Japanese Olympic Custom had a radical German Carve around the edge of the body, no pickguard and two humbucking pickups. The Olympic Custom came with either a wraparound bridge or a tune-o-matic plus vibrato tailpiece. The pickup selector was strangely positioned directly behind the bridge such that the strings went right over the top of it on models with a vibrato tailpiece!

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Epiphone Olympic Double (1965-1970) electric guitar

EPIPHONE produced the OLYMPIC DOUBLE between 1960 and 1970 - it was the two pickup version of the Olympic Single. It started out with a Les Paul style double cutaway body, tortoise shell pickguard and melody maker style headstock from 1960 until 1962. The body style was changed in 1963 to an offset double cutaway Coronet style design with a larger white pickguard. The original LP style double cutaway body was retained as the Olympic Special model from 1962 onwards.

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Gibson ES-775 archtop electric guitar

The Gibson ES-775 is one of Gibson's lesser known archtops. The Gibson ES-775 was introduced in 1990 as a much fancier version of the ES-175, with upgrades including an ebony fingerboard and knobs, gold hardware, multi-bound headstock, deeper cutaway, trapeze tailpiece with ebony insert and slotted block fingerboard inlays. The neck pickup is moved right next to the end of the fingerboard to get a even mellower jazz tone than on the ES-175.

Gibson described the ES-775 as follows in their 1990 catalog:

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Schecter introduced the Traditional Custom in 2015 as part of the California Vintage series. The Traditional Custom is an ash bodied stratocaster style electric with flamed maple top and HSS Schecter Diamond pickups. It is available in black cherryburst or transparent black burst finishes; both with white pickguards. The bridge is a Wilkinson WV2-SB tremolo and tuners are Schecter locking units.

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SCHECTER PT CUSTOM (California Vintage)

Schecter PT Custom black cherryburst finish electric guitar

Schecter introduced the PT Custom in 2015 as part of the California Vintage series. Other Schecter PT Customs have been available for many years - but they tend to have a carved figured maple top and no pickguard. The California Vintage PT Custom is an ash bodied telecaster style electric with a flat flamed maple top and two Schecter Diamond humbucking pickups. It is available in black cherryburst or transparent black finishes, both with black pickguard. The controls are laid out in the traditional telecaster manner but the tone control has a push/pull switch (coil tap?).

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Schecter PT Standard blonde finish electric guitar

Schecter introduced the PT Standard in 2015 as part of the California Vintage series. The PT Standard is an ash bodied telecaster style electric with two single coil pickups: a Schecter Diamond MonsterTone VT at the bridge and a Schecter Diamond VT-1 at the neck. It is available in blonde finish with black pickguard or sunburst finish with pearloid pickguard.

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