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Holman was one of the brands produced by the Holman-Woodell guitar factory in Neodesha, Kansas, In 1966 Holman intially produced Wurlizter branded electric guitars and then around 1967 switched to using the Alray brand. They also produced guitars under the Holman brand during this era..

Source Vintage Guitar magazine Holman


Alray guitars were one of the brands produced by the Holman-Woodell guitar factory in Neodesha, Kansas, In 1966 Holman intially produced Wurlizter branded electric guitars and then around 1967 switched to using the Alray brand. They also produced guitars under the Holman brand during this era. The short-lived Alray brand was discontinued by 1968.

Source Vintage Guitar magazine Holman


The Aloha brand name has been used on various instruments over the years - most likely by different companies. For example in the early 1900s Aloha brand ukuleles were made in Honolulu. From the 1935 onwards there was an Aloha Musical Instrument Company in Chicago distributing Aloha branded amplifiers and guitars made by other companies like Magnatone, Kay, Regal and Harmony.

Source Jedistar Aloha resource

Almy, Kevin

Working from his quiet back street studio in New Zealand's capital city, Wellington, Kevin Almy, Master Luthier produces a wide range of instruments: from violins, violas and cellos to mandolins, mandolas and archtop guitars.  Kevin has been building handcrafted instruments for over 30 years. During the early 1980's, he worked for Wellington's legendary music store "Capital Music", carrying out guitar repairs and modifications for many of that city's guitarists.

Alleva Coppolo

Jimmy Coppolo makes basses and some guitars under the Alleva Coppolo brand name. His designs are traditional J or P shapes but with a few upgrades like trued fingerboards, better shielded cavities, an onboard preamp and a usable 5 string.

Ali Kat

Ali Kat is the brand name of Dave Gartland. Dave trained as a sheet metal work in England and had a business making custom motorcycle exhausts. Following emigration to Australia in 2008 he began to make metal versions of stringed instruments - starting with a double bass made from aluminium. The brand name Ali Kat seemed appropriate, as Ali is the short term for Aluminium these basses were going to be Kool Katz.


The AXN (AlienXnation) brand was founded in 2004 and is located in Corona California. AXN make around 100 or fewer guitars per year using old-school methods to hand craft the instruments. AXN models have a modded 1980s Kramer / Charvel look.


John Allison has been building and repairing guitars and other instruments for nearly 30 years. Though a native Texan, John spent a number of years living in Colorado, Minnesota and Chicago, Illinois where he cultivated an interest in, trained for, and began a lifelong career as a luthier. He returned to Texas and he has been living and working in the Austin area since 1991.


Uilke Egmond found the Egmond brand in 1932 initially in his music school and shop in Valkenswaard where he sold instruments imported from the Eastern Europe. In 1935 the business moved to Eindhoven.


The Alamo Electronic Corporation was originally set up by Southland Music and Charles Eilenberg post World War II (ca. 1947), making record players and battery-powered radios. They went on to produce musical instrument cases and around 1949 or 1950 moved on to making amplifiers and lap steel guitars. The first Alamo solid body guitars appeared around 1960 and Alamo guitars were made until around 1970.  Alamo amplifiers were made until the early 1980s, when Alamo combined with a company called Southwest Technical Products.

Alexander James

Alexader James has been building and designing guitars since 2002. In 2008, the Alexander James Guitars brand was founded with the opening of a custom guitar shop in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Alexander James handpicks each piece of timber to create fine sounding and great-looking hand made instruments. Alexander James offers electric guitars, basses and amplifiers as well as instrument repairs.

Alder Creek Guitars

Alder Creek Guitars was a boutique brand of David Stephens of New Hartford, New York. Stephens was active in the late 1990s and early 2000s but only made a few instruments, taking time to complete each one with incredible attention to detail.


Alcivar was a Canadian brand used on Japanese made copies of Fender Strats, Fender Teles, BC Rich Mockinbirds, Gibson Les Pauls, ES 335's, Aria Pro 2 Thor Sound TS-400, Hummingbird acoustics, and also a resonator guitar.

Source: TDPRI.com Alcivar


Albanus was the brand name of Chicago luthier Carl Albanus Johnson. Johnson was one of the few makers building quality carved archtop guitars in the 1960s. Trained as a violin maker he learned guitar making at the Boston workshop of Elmer Stromberg. Moving to Chicago in the 1950's, Johnson built a reputation among the local guitarists for his archtop instruments which, like those of D'Angelico, were usually built to order.


Alba branded electric guitars are made in China and distributed in Germany - and are low budget copies of Fender, Gibson and PRS designs.


Akai Professional entered the electronic music industry in 1984, since then, Akai Professional have developed a range of products for modern musicians both in studio and on stage. Although best known for their digital sampling technology, they also make guitar effects and even developed a short lived range of guitars and basses in the late 1990s.


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