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Brandford branded guitars were sold in the USA by department store WT Grant  in the 1960s. Bradford guitars were made in Japan by Guyatone, and Bradford models are identical to Guyatone models of the period but with different branding.

Siggi Braun

Siggi Baun first started making guitars in 1990, in his father's basement workshop. He continued perfecting his ideas until 1993 when he launched his company Siggi Braun - Fine Young Guitars. Braun currently offers three product lines - the Custom Guitar Axes (which are fan-fret guitars), the Fine Young Guitars (which are Braun's own modern designs) and a line of Vintage style models. Each instrument is handmade by Braun's team of luthiers in their German workshop.

B&G Little Sister

B&G Little Sister electric guitar

The B&G Little Sister was designed by David Weitzman (a jewelry artist who also makes the brass hardware for the Little Sister). Weitzman was taken with the throaty tone of the early small bodied parlor guitars played by the delta bluesmen and came up with a design that combined a early parlor acoustic with a modern electric guitar. He took this design to B&G who loved it and eventually put it into production as the Little Sister model in 2015.

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Alaskan born Daniel Brauchli is a musician and artist with over 30 years experience of playing, designing and building musical instruments. After moving to Australia at the age of 13, Brauchli is now based in Tasmania, where he makes original designed guitars, mandolins, lap-steels that combine the carbon fiber bracing with local Tasmanian timbers.


Bouvier was the brand name of Dennis Bourke - a guitarist and recording engineer. Bourke had worked with Michael Tobais to source Corian to use for the nuts of his basses. Bourke formed Bouvier to explore the use of Corian for body-tops of electric guitars and basses, with the idea that Corian was a more consistent and hard wearing material than wood. Bouvier instruments had a 1/4" Corian top on a wooden body with a standard wooden neck. Bouvier guitars and basses were available from around 1998 to 2000.

Box Guitars

Australian Stu Box was six when his parents gave him his first guitar. He gained degree in music improvisation, recording more than a dozen albums and playing as a session guitarist. Box began developing guitar prototypes around 1987. The first proper Box model was the 12 string double wide necked touch-style guitar called the SR-648 introduced in 1990, developed after Box was inspired by Stanley Jordan's playing style.

Bouges (Dominique)

Dominique Bouges started out in lutherie in partnership with his friend Alain Queguiner (a Parisian luthier). After working together for ten years they parted company. Bouges had the chance to learn from many other makers who helped him advance his skills. He also went to work at Paul Beushcer for six years. In 2000 he moved his workshop to Curtil-St-Seine where he focuses on making acoustic instruments, classical guitars, steel string guitars, archtops and mandolins.

Tony Cochran

Tony Cochran is a syndicated cartoonist. His other mission in life is to rescue the unused, electric guitars languishing beneath dirty laundry in the corners of unkempt bedrooms,  leaning against dusty duct work in damp basements, or forgotten in the Narnian regions in the back of cupboards. He takes these unloved and forgotten guitars and transforms them into art using bits and pieces of machines acquired from rummaging through garage sales, charity shops and church bazaars.

Bowler (Brothers)

Bowler Bros Guitars is run by James Murphy and luthier Michael Byington. Bowler Bros source guitar parts in bulk to get the best deals and then assemble them by hand, set them up properly and sell them at affordable prices. They also custom finishes like swirls and vintage comic book finishes.


Martyn Booth began working as a luthier in 1975. He worked for Gibson Guitars (UK) and Yamaha before setting up Martyn Booth Guitars in 1991. In 2001 he launched his own range of guitars starting with The Classic, followed in 2002 by the Martyn Booth Signature, with a revised headstock design for better tuning stability when using the tremolo. Booth's designs, although original, look like something Gibson would have made during the McCarty era.


Alberto Bonafini was born in 1949. He attended the Art Institute of Castelmassa and, on realising he would never become a guitarist he turned his thoughts to luthierie. Bonafini how offers a complete range of acoustic, archtop, solid-body electric and bass guitars.

Born to Rock

Born To Rock Design Incorporated is an independent research and development lab designing musical instruments (violin bows, electric guitars and basses), software, automotive parts, and modular structures. Born To Rock makes two models of aluminum guitars: the 496ROC and the F4c as well as the F4b bass guitars


Roger Borys started making instruments in 1974, making his first archtop in 1978.  In the 1980s he collaborated with the great luthier James D'Aquisto, designing and building Jazz Acoustic and Jazz Electric models. In 2008 he moved his workshop from its original Vermont location to its current home in the Neumann Leather Factory in Hoboken, New Jersey. By 2016 he had built over 400 guitars in his career.


John Bolin founded Bolin Guitars, LLC in 1978. Bolin has some high profile clients - including Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top - who has been a Bolin customer since the mid 1980s. Since those early days Bolin Guitars has grown to occupy a 6500 square foot factory and John’s son Jake is now part of the team continuing the Bolin tradition to a new generation.


Bolt Guitars Incorporated was founded by Wayne G Bolt and James Dalla Palu. Bolt  had been making tooling and fixtures for other manufacturers (like Martin), but in 1991 they used their technical expertise to create their own branded American made electric guitars, built using the latest CNC technology. By the mid to late 1990s however the production of Bolt Guitars had ceased.


Bohemian Guitars was founded by South African brothers Adam and Shaun Lee. While growing up in Johannesburg, Shaun observed the resourcefulness of the musicians in local townships who would build their own instruments out of whatever was available. After moving to Atlanta, Georgia, Shaun began making instruments in this style, using scrap materials like old oil cans. Soon Adam was on board and in 2012 Bohemian Guitars was founded, selling oil can guitars first locally and then beyond.


Larel Rexford Bogue (Rex Bogue) was born in 1951 and raised in San Gabriel, California. He played in bands while growing up, rubbing shoulders with Zappa's Mothers of Invention. Bogue studied at the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia and displayed a talent for music technology and electronics. Bogue experimented with lasers and was a pioneer of the  live music laser show. He moved on to building innovative guitars: and was one of the early users of active pre-amps in guitars. In 1972 he approached John McLaughlin with a proposal to build him a guitar.


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