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J.B. Player JBA-L2 electric guitar

The J.B. Player JBA-L2 was a carved top telecaster style electric, with stop tailpiece and two humbuckers. Solid alder body, with a carved top, one-piece maple neck with maple fingerboard. APC Pickups designed by Melvin Lace wired into a unique tapping and switching system that offers 10 different pickup configurations. Stop tailpiece, Diecast Machines, Gold Hardware, Black gloss finish. Nominated "Most Innovative Guitar 1995" by MUSIC AND SOUND RETAILER magazine poll

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Jackson JTX electric guitar

The Jackson JTX was a super-tele made in 1993. The JTX had either a basswood body (for solid finishes) or an ash body (for transparent finishes).  The neck was one-piece maple (with maple fingerboard). The extended lower cutaway and full access neck joint gave great playability up to the 24th fret. The bridge was a JT-580 licensed Floyd Rose duoble locking tremolo. Pickups were a single J-55 humbucker at the bridge and a single coil J100VS at the neck. Controls were a single voume knob, 3 way selector switch and series/parallel mini-switch.

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Yamaha SG-12

The Yamaha SG-12 introduced in 1966, was one of Yamaha's first solid body electrics. Released alongside the SG-12 were the six string SG-2 and SG-3 versions. The SG-12 shares the same complex control circuits as the SG-3 appear rather complicated at first - according to SG-3 owner Gavin Wilson of the guitarz blog the SG-12 has two circuits (rhythm and lead) so you can set up two different tones on the guitar and switch between them,.

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Yamaha SG-3

Yamaha SG-3 electric guitar

The Yamaha SG-3 introduced in 1966, was one of Yamaha's first solid body electrics. Released alongside the SG-3 was the two pickup SG-2 version as well as the shorter scale 12-string SG-12. The SG-3 (AKA model S302 in Japan) has three single coil pickups, although two are close together at the bridge to allow humbucking.

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