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Jackson JTX electric guitar

The Jackson JTX was a super-tele made in 1993. The JTX had either a basswood body (for solid finishes) or an ash body (for transparent finishes).  The neck was one-piece maple (with maple fingerboard). The extended lower cutaway and full access neck joint gave great playability up to the 24th fret. The bridge was a JT-580 licensed Floyd Rose duoble locking tremolo. Pickups were a single J-55 humbucker at the bridge and a single coil J100VS at the neck. Controls were a single voume knob, 3 way selector switch and series/parallel mini-switch.

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Yamaha SG-12

The Yamaha SG-12 introduced in 1966, was one of Yamaha's first solid body electrics. Released alongside the SG-12 were the six string SG-2 and SG-3 versions. The SG-12 shares the same complex control circuits as the SG-3 appear rather complicated at first - according to SG-3 owner Gavin Wilson of the guitarz blog the SG-12 has two circuits (rhythm and lead) so you can set up two different tones on the guitar and switch between them,.

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Yamaha SG-3

Yamaha SG-3 electric guitar

The Yamaha SG-3 introduced in 1966, was one of Yamaha's first solid body electrics. Released alongside the SG-3 was the two pickup SG-2 version as well as the shorter scale 12-string SG-12. The SG-3 (AKA model S302 in Japan) has three single coil pickups, although two are close together at the bridge to allow humbucking.

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Yamaha SG-2A

Yamaha SG-2A electric guitar

The Yamaha SG-2A was introduced in November 1967 and discontinued in 1971. The SG-2A has a peculiar asymmetrical body with an elongated horn on the treble side and a hockey stick style headstock. This is the 2 pickup version of the SG-5A, and it has one less control knob.

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Yamaha SG-5A

Yamaha SG-5A electric guitar

The Yamaha SG-5A was introduced in 1966 and discontinued in 1971. The SG-5A has a peculiar asymmetrical body with an elongated horn on the treble side and a hockey stick style headstock, the guitar was designed with the input of Japanese Eleki legend Takeshi Terauchi.This 6-string Yamaha electric guitar has 22 frets, Coro tremolo type tailpiece, knobs and tuners. The SG-5A had three single coil pickups, two close together at the bridge and a slanted one at the neck. The SG-5A was reissued in 2000 as the SGV300

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Les Paul Studio Pro Plus electric guitar

The Gibson Les Paul Studio Pro Plus was like the Les Paul Studio model but with a grade AA-figured maple top. Pickups were a 490R in the neck position and a BurstBucker Pro in the bridge with push/pull switching to give independent coil tapping. The mahogany body was chambered for weight relief. The one-piece mahogany neck was glued in with a traditional mortis & tenon joint, and carved in the fast and comfortable SlimTaper profile. The rosewood fingerboard had 22 medium-jumbo frets, with a 12" radius and acrylic trapezoid inlays.

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Epiphone Xplorer FX electric guitar

Made around 2002 the Epiphone Beast FX (aka Xplorer FX) has a modified explorer shaped body and all the other features of the Xplorer model but with two effects units built in.The chorus effect uses an IC known as the "Bucket Brigade". The distortion effect provides an effect ranging from a blues clip to a full-on overdrive with the turn of the gain knob. These effects have true bypass circuits to avoid "tone sucking" when not in use.

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Kramer Nightswan (Vivian Campbell) electric guitar

KRAMER introduced the Nightswan in 1987 as a Vivian Campbell Signature model. The Nightswan was based on the custom Shredder guitar built from Warmoth parts by Buddy Blaze for Campbell in the mid 1980s. This guitar had a scaled down super strat body had a 24.75" scale length bolt-on neck with reverse headstock, two Seymour Duncan humbuckers (in the bridge and middle positions). The dot fingerboard inlays have an unusual diagonal vertical spacing

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Gibson Alvin Lee "Big Red" signature model electric guitar

The Gibson Alvin Lee signature model is based on Lee's 1959 ES-335 "Big Red", with its replacement '60s block inlay slim taper neck and  extra single coil pickup in the center position. This guitar was immortalised on film when Alvin Lee played at Woodstock with Ten Years After and Gibson have reproduced it carefully including the stickers and faded cherry finish. The pickups on this guitar are two classic '57 humbuckers without covers (Alvin Lee took off the covers on the original to improve the tone) and a single coil Seymour Duncan.

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Ibanez UV77RE electric guitar

The IBANEZ UV77RE was a limited edition reissued in 2010 to mark the  20th anniversary of the UV77 model.  Only 100 were made in total. The UV77RE necks were upgraded to 5 piece maple / bubinga (with volute) and have larger frets than the original UV77s, but have the original fingerboard extension with the last 2 frets overhanging the body. The rest of the UV77RE's specifications match the original. The neckplates are blank, and unnumbered. The UV77RE is finished in multicolored swirl and each finish is unique.

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LTD MAX-200 RPR electric guitar

The LTD MAX-200 RPR was introduced in 2016 and is based on the ESP Max Cavalera RPR signature model. The The LTD MAX-200 RPR has a bevel edged body shape that combines Cavalera's previous two signature models (the X-Shaped AX and the Explorer shaped EX). The body is basswood with bolt-on maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. The MAX-200 has two ESP LH-150 humbuckers. Finish is black with white bevels.

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