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Dallas was a UK musical instrument manufacturing and distribution company, founded by John E. Dallas. Dallas began making banjos in 1873, eventually moving to premises at 415 Strand. In 1905-1906 Dallas' three sons were given directorships and the firm's title changed to John E. Dallas and Sons.

By the late 1920s, Dallas instruments were being mass produced under the brand name "Jedson." derived from Dallas' initials, "J.E.D", and "Sons". When John Dallas died in 1921 the form became a private limited company


The Chinese Supertimbre Company was established in 1988. Supertimbre specialize in the production of musical instruments, also providing OEM manufacturing services. Products include wood wind, brass, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, keyboards, percussion and accessories. Supertimbre export to Europe, America, Oceania and Asia.

Yuri Landman

Yuri Landman is a Dutch experimental luthier, musician and comic artist. He has built electric zithers, electric cymbalum, electric 3rd bridge guitars, and electric Koto. Yuri started making instruments out of wood salvaged from furniture and door frames. He used hardware salvaged from old guitars as well as audio equipment, printers, and other electronic stuff.

His instruments challenge the conventions of guitar making with unusual (but also traditional) tuning intervals, drone strings, moveable bridges and pickups.


The Samick Musical Instrument company is an important guitar manufacturer, at the start of the 21st century. When large scale production of guitars became uneconomical in the USA and Europe, many western brands outsourced their manufacturing to highly automated and cost effective Korean manufacturers like Samick. The instruments are then distributed under a variety of brandnames (like Epiphone or Washburn for example).

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