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Rio Grande Pickups was founded in 1993 by John "Bart" Wittroc. Bart had been repairing and dealing in vintage guitars since 1972, and is an active member of the vintage guitar show scene. He first started winding electic guitar pickups around 1978 as part of his vintage guitar restoration work. He aims to capture the tone and feel of the vintage pickups, from strat to tele single coils, up to Humbucking, but with the option of higher output and greater tonal variations.


Christian Celinder (born in 1964, Copenhagen), is a Danish luthier and founder of CELINDER Guitar Design. Celinder incorporates modern-day knowledge to produce some of the finest hand-built bass guitars on the market.

Celinder studied as a pianist at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen, before falling in love with the bass. He learned the double-bass and bass guitar from Bo Stief and Niels Henning Ørsted Pedersen (NHØP) before starting his lutherie business at the Basslab in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1987.


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