Emerald Guitars Alien Custom Electric guitar

The Alien Custom is a one-off custom made instrument, kept in the personal collection of its maker since it was built in 2006 and used as a show piece. The guitar is sculpted from carbon fibre and finished in a special chrome paint giving it a metallic look.

It sold on eBay for 7000 Euros on November 21st 2009. The sale included a laser display stand with built in lights and a motor that revolves the guitar.

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HOME MADE BASS GUITAR #Chop Shop Fantasy Bass

This a one off customised instrument, made in Holland. The owner calls it the Chop Shop Fantasy. The hardware and material specifications are typical enough, but the wings of the body have been cut-off and reattached slightly offset using metal fixings. I think it works pretty well, the central body pod reminds me of a Wandre Davoli Bikini, or of RKS guitars.


This guitar built from workshop hardware shows you can make an electric guitar out of just about anything.  The neck is a spirit level, with attached saw and hammer. Paint tins behind the body add resonant chambers. The frets look like nails and are tied on sitar-style. But electrified and played through an amplfier with a bit of delay it sounds OK.


Giant Amplifier Music Store

Southampton music shop shaped like Fender Super Champ amplifier

You can see this giant amplifier shaped music shop on Commercial road, Southampton.  It is based on a Fender Super Champ, and of course the knobs go up to 11. The giant amplifier is inhabited by resident luthier Jamie 'Razor' Goatley and his assistant Wesley. Jamie says that the red jewel light even comes on at night.

Weird sound generator guitar


Dan Wagoner modified his first guitar (a Fender stratocaster) to include a weird sound generator analogue synth. The synth control knobs protrude from a hand made pick guard made from a motherboard. Three switches have been mounted in the fingerboard. This instrument liberates the synth player, allowing them to assume outrageous poses previously reserved for guitarists. The downside is there are no strings.

Link: Dan-Wagoner Guitar Synth Mod.

ESP Samurai Kyomoto Special

ESP Samurai Kyomoto Special Electric guitar

The ESP Samurai Kyomoto Special is a custom series instrument, not on general sale.The body is alder with cast material used for the whacky appendages. The short scale neck is maple with a 22 fret ebony fingerboard and a carbon nut. The body is a mosaic of various themed areas, a rhinestone white fabric area, a three eyeball locust genetic experiment and a real Samurai sword (which can be drawn and wielded if things start going wrong at e open mic night).

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The Hoverbucker is a creation of Ronnie Hinton and Daniel Diaz Brauch which started out as a Squier Bullet stratocaster . They took the middle pickup and mounted it over the neck pickup, to give a sound like a humbucker. It is mounted upside down, with the top facing the strings. I don't know what the phase relationship with the neck pickup would be: the middle pickup is usually wound out of phase with the neck, but by mounting it like this the signals from the pickups would be exactly out of phase too.

Giant metal guitar


Mike Shubic worked in marketing for 16 years, then one day he decided to quit the day job to make and sell outdoor sculptures. This giant guitar is one of his creations: it measures 12 feet by 4 feet (although he can make it to any size). It is made from metal, and Mike says it can actually be played. It is still available for sale for $6500.

Drapery guitar


Tear down those curtains and make me a guitar! Browsing Etsy again I found this one-off electric guitar said to have a strat look and telecaster sound. The unique selling point is the drapery finish: covered in curtains its the 21st century Floral Jem. From the picture it doesn't look like the fabric is sealed: I hope its not dry-clean-only!


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