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  • acoustic guitars

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1990 to 1996

The LD10E was made between 1990 and 1996


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1997600 CADgood



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LD 10 E Yam.

I enjoy the "unpluged" sound & connected sound too, in fact both have never been surpassed (in my opinion), but the neck is far too fat for any skilfull playing (on my behalf).    I have used many types, cost range & makes of guitar, this is one of the best.

LD 10 E

Have had one as my main acoustic for last 15 years. An excellent guitar and played by Bert Jansch in his last years. It really does not have a 'fat' neck. Fairly slim with a shallow C profile. Solid top and ply rosewood back and sides work very well - in my opinion ply rosewood brightens the sound and shouldn't be considered as just a cheap option.

Yamaha LD10E

I will never quit playing this guitar. Mine has been through every touring situation in the world and still amazes me with its sound and playability. This is a 'secret weapon' any working player should have in their quiver.