Curzon acoustic guitars are made in China.


Tom Cussen established Clareen Banjos in 1976 and made the first Clareen banjo in 1979. Cussen was the tenor banjo player in Irish trad group Shaskeen in the 1970s and 1980s. Tom was joined in the business by his son Fintan who became head of production in 2018.

Source: Clareen Banjos website (4 April 2019)

Hondo Little Susie

Hondo Little Susie '55 acoustic guitar

Hondo introduced the Little Susie '55 acoustic guitar in the early 1980s as a copy of the Gibson Everly Brothers model.

Source: Hondo 1985 catalog

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Manouk Papazian

Manouk Papazian was born in 1914 in Smyrna, Turkey into an Armenian family. His family soon left Turkey for Argentina, escaping the Armenian Genocide of 1914 - 1923. While in Buenos Aires Papazian became a self taught luthier in 1934 and worked there professionally from 1949 to 1956. In 1956 he moved to New York, where he made violins, violas, cellos, lutes, vihuelas and classical guitars. By 1981 he had made over 50 classical guitars, nearly 50 lutes and around 25 each of the other instruments. Manouk Papazian died in 1999.

Source: Amati Auctions website (1 April 2009)

Source: Directory of Contemporary American Musical Instrument Makers. Susan Caust Farrell. 1981

Fabio Ragghianti

Fabio Ragghianti was inspired to become a guitar maker when he visited luthier Carlo Raspagni’s workshop to order a guitar. In 1981 he started an appreticeship with the luthiers Leo Biancardi and Paolo Vettori - he soon gave up his day job as a languages teacher to become a luthier himself. Over the following years he continued learning at Malden School of Musical Instrument Repair in England & Maestro Matter’s Workshop in Portugal and visits to various luthiers such as David Rubio and Daniel Friederich. Ragghianti received awards in 1993 and again in 1995 at the International Contest of Baveno and in 1998 as Artisan of the Year from the Rotary Club. Ragghianti also speaks about guitar making at international conferences and has taught luthiery.

Source: Fabio Ragghianti website (30 March 2019)

Aarón García Ruiz

Aarón García Ruiz makes classical and flamenco guitars (and other instruments) in Churriana de la Vega, 6 kilometers from Granada. As well as working as a luthier Ruiz exhibits his collections of instruments, lectures, and provides conferences and didactic workshops about music and instruments - using his background as a musicologist specializing in organology.

Source: Aarón García Ruiz website (30 March 2019)

Sky Guitars (Uli Jon Roth)

Sky guitars are designed by Uli Jon Roth and made in Germany by Roth's favorite luthier, Boris Dommenget. The business was founded in 2017 and offers ten series of Sky guitars - divided into three main families: Pegasus, Aquila and Unicorn. The Sky guitar design was first produced in the 1980s, when Roth commissioned construction of custom guitars with 30 frets from luthier Andreas Demetriou. Extra higher frets were added to emulate the high notes of a violin.


CB Sky is a Hong Kong based company, with its own production plant in Jiangsu province, China. They specialize in musical toys and budget musical instruments. Their guitar range includes electric and acousic models as well as amplifiers.
Source: CB Sky website (March 24 2019)


Peavey Patriot electric guitar (natural mahogany)

The Peavey Patriot was a stratocaster style electric guitar made in the USA from around 1983 to 1986. The Patriot had two super ferrite single coil blade pickups, controlled by single volume and tone controls and a three-way selector switch. There was an optional Peavey Powerbend tremolo available on this model. In 1986 the Patriot with tremolo had a single humbucker pickup & no pickguard (and came in different finish colors), whereas the non-tremolo version had a pickguard, two single coils and was in natural finish only.

Source: Peavey catalogs 1984 to 1986.

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Alvarez ADY1 Ani DiFranco model acoustic guitar

In 2005 longtime Alvarez endorser Ani DiFranco, teamed up with Alvarez designers to create her own customized signature guitar, the ADY1G. She had previously played the Alvarez WY1 model for a number of years. The ADY1G features a Yairi direct coupled bridge and Alvarez System 600T MkII preamp electronics. The gold-colored top is complimented by a grey pick-guard suited to DiFranco's percussive playing technique. The ADY1 has a Canadian cedar top and extra deep mahogany body. When first introduced the ADY1G cost $2799.

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Can someone help me with this Bass guitar


Jasmine S-41 dreadnought acoustic

The JASMINE S-41 was a dreadnought style acoustic which was made until 1994. The Jasmine S-41 had a spruce top, black pickguard with white edge, triple ply binding, mahogany or dao ao back and sides, nato neck and rosewood bridge. The S-41 was finished in black gloss.

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Pascal Quinson has been a luthier since 1987. He started out in Toulouse, at quai de la Daurade. He was partly self taught but also learned from luthiers in Paris. Now works in Montauban where he makes violins, lutes and classical guitars.

CR Alsip

C.R. Alsip Guitars is a boutique electric guitar maker established in Arkansas City, Kansas in  2012. In 2014 the company moved to Atlanta, Georgia and then again in 2018 to Dallas, Georgia. The company was named in memory of Connie Rae Alsip-Willoughby,  the mother of the founder Jake Willoughby.

Source: C.R. Alsip Guitars website


Gibson ES-335 Pro electric guitar

GIBSON made the ES-335 PRO between 1979 and 1981. The ES-335 Pro had two uncovered high-output Dirty Finger humbuckers and came in Antique Sunburst or Cherry Red finish with chrome plated hardware. Gibson described the ES-335 Pro as follows (in 1979):

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Orlando Quagliardi founded an accordion making company in Castelfidardo, Italy in 1921. Quagliardi was one of the first Italian accordion companies to start making guitars. They usually used their Welson brand name, but their guitars were also distributed under the Dynacord (in Germany) and Wurlitzer (in the USA) brands. The first Welson solid bodies appeared in 1962 and were similar to the Bartolini-Gemelli Galaxy model. As the 1960s went on Welson focused on semi-acoustic archtops and a 335 style model - Welson had a reputation as one of Italy's best guitar makers.

Phoenix (Mandolins)

Phoenix Mandolins was founded by Rolfe Gerhardt who started building mandolins in the early 1970s. He was self taught and started by using some plans from Benny Cain, and observations of a local Gibson Loar F-5 to make two reproductions of a 1920s Gibson F-5 mandolin. He then began experimenting with mandolin design and this was the start of Unicorn mandolins. Rolfe made 149 mandolins before selling Unicorn to Dave Sinko in 1980 who eventually moved Unicorn to Nashville. Although Rolfe had agreed not to make mandolins for ten years as part of the sale agreement of Unicorn, he didn't last that long and was building mandolins again in the late 1980s using the Phoenix brand name. His new design had a fixed graphite-epoxy neck stiffener which eliminated the need for an adjustable truss rod. He also refined the body shape using a two-pointed cut-away design, and incorporated a radiused fingerboard and finger-rest.

YAMAHA RGX 420S D6 (Drop 6)

Yamaha RGX-420S D6 (gray) electric guitar

YAMAHA manufactured the RGX 420 SD6 (Drop 6) between 2001 and 2003. It was a baritone (longer scale) version of the RGX 420 S, which allows for a lower tuning - signalled by the "Drop 6" decal on the peghead. The RGX-420S D6 had a solid alder super-strat body (Satin Black, Satin Gray or Metallic Green finish). Pickups were 2 humbuckers with 1 selector switch and a bypass "blower" switch which routes the signal direct from the bridge humbucker to the output jack. The black hardware included a double locking tremolo.

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