Pittman guitars were made by Paul Slagle in California. Pittman guitars were usually Telecaster style electrics, but there were some Strat style ones and basses. Slagle had been responsible for finishing guitars for Asher Guitars, Echopark Guitars, Iconic Custom Guitars, Trussart, Modulus and Tyler Guitars. In addition to guitar making Slagle was also an experienced audio engineer specializing in live music mixing and a very talented bass player. Paul Slagle passed away in 2020.

Evolve Guitars

UK company based in Leeds, UK. Manufactured parts from China and assembly and finish work in the UK.  Limited production but catering for the low end of the market with reaonable quality for the price range; evan supporting stainless steel frets on some models and Tone rider pups.

Harmos Matrax

Harmos MatraX electric guitar

The Harmos MatraX was an unusual electric guitar with a body made from a structural frame of carbon rods and wooden balls. It would have been made around 2006, but I'm not sure if it ever went beyond the prototype stage.

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Harmos Guitars were designed and made by T. Sage Harmos and James Baecker.  T. Sage Harmos (born 1961) was a steel guitar player and over a period of ten years he refined his design for a structural space frame lap steel guitar. This instrument has a structure made of wooden spheres connected by carbon fiber rods - inspired by the work of Buckminster Fuller. His aim was to use a combination of the latest carbon fiber materials and structural design geometry to build easy to play, light weight, affordable instruments with transparent tone and ultra-long sustain. The first prototype (completed in 1998) weighed two and a half pounds. In 2001 he started getting  The Harmos Space Frame lap steel guitar into the hands of lap steel players. As well as the lap steel there was also a conventional guitar - the Harmos Matrax.

Source: Harmos Guitars website (archived 2003)


Runt Guitars is a Japanese electric guitar and bass maker founded in 2016 by luthier Masahiro Goto. The company is named "Runt" after Todd Rundgren's first album. Circa 2016 there were 5 standard models: Sakura, Red, Shimaenaga, Goldmine and Yura. These original designs are inspired by the wild animals that inhabit Hokkaido and feature organic lines with ergonomics in mind. To reduce the stresses on the left-hand, the necks have an asymmetrical profile with a thinner 1st string side as standard. They can also offer customization of the standard models or even complete custom designs.

Source: Runt Guitars website (31 October 2022)


Collings Guitars was founded by Bill Collings  (1948 - 2017). He was pre-med student in the mid 1970s but left to work in a machine shop in Ohio while also starting to build acoustic guitars at home. He left the machine shop to work for an oil pipeline company in Houston - still making acoustic guitars in his spare time. Before long local musicians such as Rick Gordon and Lyle Lovett were playing his guitars. He set out for California but only made it as far as Austin where he set up a space in Tom Ellis' workshop. By the mid-1980s, Bill was making flattop and archtop acoustic guitars in his own workshop. With growing success in the 1980s he moved again to a larger workshop in 1989 and took on his first employees. His work for Gruhn Guitars brought national exposure - and he soon needed to move to an evening bigger factory.


Tom Marceau makes electric guitars and basses in Betton, France. He began making guitars as a teenager before training as a carpenter and electronics - while still pursing his dream of professional luthiery. In 2008 Lucky Peterson got hold of one of Marceau's guitars and he ordered a guitar - which became the Lucky Peterson signature model. This led to an increase in orders. He settled to the north of Rennes and opened his workshop - officially starting Marceau Guitars. He now offers a wide range of standard and custom guitar and bass models.

Source: Marceau Guitars website (31 October 2022)

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