Rosser Guitars was founded in 2012 and makes guitars and guitar bodies in a small one-man shop in North Carolina, USA

Round Up

Round Up cowboy acoustic guitars were made by Harmony from the 1930s onwards. There was a Round Up Gene Autry model with "Gene Autry" painted on the fingerboard made by Harmony for Sears.


François Roudhloff (1781-1849) was a French luthier who trained with Breton at Mirecourt before opened his own workshop around 1811. He was known for his elegant acoustic guitars and lyre guitars but also made the usual violins and cellos. His brother Charles Roudhloff (1778 - 1859) was also a Mirecourt luthier. Charles' sons Dominique (born 1798) and Arnould (born 1804) Roudhloff, moved to London in the early 1830s and were based in 81 Charlotte Street in Fitzrovia where they made guitars under the D&A Roudhloff brand name and also traded as artists' colourmen until around 1857 when they presumably retired to France.

Source: Mirecourt luthiers - Roudhloff genealogy (2 April 2020)

Source: National Portrait Gallery - British artist suppliers 1650-1950 (2 April 2020)

Jochen Röthel

Jochen Röthel was born in 1969 in Kitzingen, Bavaria. After leaving school he began training as a guitar maker with Martin Seeliger at Lakewood Guitars  in Giessen.  At Lakewood he also met Michel Brück who later became an important influence and a good friend. Röthel also participated at a Guitar Builders Workshop run by Josè Luis Romanillos 1992 in Cordoba, this experience inspired him to specialize in classical guitars. After completing his training as a guitar maker and received his Masters Degree as Luthier in Guitar in 1997, Röthel moved to Oldenburg Germany, where he established his workshop as an independent guitar maker. By 2020, however, he had relocated back to Bavaria and moved his workshop to Würzburg.


Rossini electric guitars were made in Japan in the 1960s for distribution in the USA and Europe. There was also an unusual Rossini acoustic guitar with a square sound hole.


Washburn SBF24 electro/acoustic guitar

The Washburn SBF24 (Solid Body Folk) was a single round cutaway dreadnought guitar. This was a thinline semi-solid body acoustic/electric guitar with an active piezo pickup designed to play like an electric but sound like an acoustic, with no feedback problems. The SBF24 had a select spruce top with a CNC channeled semi-solid mahogany body, mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard and bridge. The SBF24 is listed in the 1988 Washburn price list - but may have been made earlier than that (possibly in 1986). Washburn discontinued the SBF24 in 1992 - probably replaced by the SBF80 model.

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Epiphone Noel Gallagher Supernova electric guitar (Man City blue)

The Epiphone NOEL GALLAGHER SUPERNOVA was introduced in 1997 and made until 2005. The Supernova was originally available in Ebony, Cherry, Metallic Light Blue (Manchester City Blue), and Vintage Sunburst finishes. Noel Gallagher’s own modded/original “Union Jack” Epiphone Sheraton had a frequensator tailpiece and mini-humbuckers but his Epiphone signature model had a regular Tune-o-matic tailpiece and full-size Epiphone humbuckers (like later stock Sheratons).

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Roxx was a brand name of Strings & Things in Memphis - founded by Chris Lovell. The Roxx range included electric guitars, basses and the Hindu Master electric sitar.

Source: Roxx catalog 1983


Rosco was an acoustic and classical guitar brand of the UK musical instrument distributor Rosetti.

Source: Rosetti catalog 1977


Stanford is a guitar brand of the German musical instrument distributor iMusic Network. Stanford was founded in the Czech Republic in 1990 by a German designer Toni Goetz and a Czech luthier Frantisek Furch. In 2007 more affordable Chinese made Stanford guitars were added to the product line.

Source: Stanford Guitars website (31 March 2020)


Valencia was a budget classical guitar brand distributed by Saga Music from before 2001 until around 2016. Also distributed in the UK by Stentor Music Company Ltd.


Hokada is an acoustic and classical guitar brand of Stentor Music that has been around since the 1970s. Hokada guitars have been made in Japan and Korea but circa 2020 the Silver & Gold series Hokada guitars were made in Romania.

Mahalo (ukes)

Mahalo is a ukulele brand - distributed by Saga Music from before 2001 until around 2016.

DGW (Durango Guitar Works)

Durango Guitar Works, a quality custom guitar company specializing in short scale guitars since 2009.


Cyan Custom Guitars is a custom guitar workshop and sales store in Hamburg, Germany.

Robert Rose

Bob Rose is a retired surgeon who makes Martin style acoustic guitars and ukuleles by hand in West Virginia. He started making guitars around the year 2000 - beginning with a Martin acoustic guitar kit. Since then Rose has taken luthiery classes with Wayne Henderson, David Nichols and other master craftsmen to perfect his skills. Custom guitars made in his workshop, often embellished with pearl or abalone shell inlay, can run from $900 to more than $4,000.

Jonathan Rose

Jonathan Rose guitars were made in Nashville in the 1980s and 1990s. Best known for telecaster style electrics, Rose also made acoustics.

Angel Rosados

Angel Rosados is a classical guitar brand - likely owned by one of the US distributors. Hand made in Valencia, Spain.


Rono Strings is the brand name of Ron Oates of Boulder, Colorado. He handcrafts stringed instruments on a custom or semi-custom basis. Ron Oates makes acoustic & resonator guitars as well as basses but is best known for his mandolins including electric mandolins. Ron built his first instrument (a classical guitar) as a high school woodshop project in 1967 and he never stopped. Many years of building, repairing and restoring stringed instruments of all types has given Ron some good insight into what people want to play.

Source: Rono Strings website (Archived 2006)

Jean Rompré

Jean Rompré (born circa 1970) started making guitars professionally in 1987.  He studied in St. Irenaeus, Quebec City and Vancouver with Neil Hebert, Linda Manzer and Michael Dunn, and also continued training in advanced manufacturing, classical guitars, computer design, frequency analysis. He opened his own workshop in Montreal in 1992.

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