Koloss is an aluminum guitar brand.


Orangewood was launched in 2018 as an acoustic guitar and ukulele brand. The brand is owned by Praxis Musical Instruments Inc. of Orange, California. Orangewood intsruments are designed and distributed in the USA but are made elsewhere (e.g. Indonesia).

Source: Orangewood website (3 August 2020)


Stephan Schertler founded his company in the 1986 specialising in audio transducers. Scherler was a double bass player who was inspired to made his own amplification system due to the lack of suitable equipment. By 2000 there were 10 people working in the company and they had developed a range of transducers as well as loudspeakers and amplifiers. Schertler entered the Pro Audio world in 2016 with a new analog modular mixer. There were Schertler guitars made from around 2006 and designed by Claudio Pagelli. The vision was to create a smaller sized electro-acoustic guitar for the stage, equipped with a reference quality Schertler Dual Source pickup system.

Source: Schertler website (27 July, 2020)

Source: Schertler guitars website (archived 2012)


Ed Schaefer has been making hand crafted guitars since the 1970s. He was best known for his archtops but he retired from making these in 2014 - years of hand carving has taken its toll on his hands. He continues to make solid body and flat top guitars. Schaefer was a classical guitar major in college and worked as a repair technician in the early 1970′s at Rhythm Band Instrument Company in Fort Worth, Texas. His job was to take imported guitars and set them up to play as well as possible. He learned a lot about what not to do in making guitars from this experience and began building his own guitars. Eventually he became focused on other interests and spent 11 years in the Caribbean teaching scuba diving and freelancing in underwater photography. On his return to the United States he continued building guitars, specialising in fine archtops.


Aiersi is the retail brand name of the Chinese Sinomusik company. They are a large OEM professional guitar supplier and exporter from China whose guitar range includes: classical guitars, children's guitars, flamenco guitars, 12-string guitars, parlor guitars, acoustic guitars, Hawaiian guitars, Dobro guitars, bass guitars and electric guitars. 

Beaver Tail

Beaver Tail mandolins are made in Canada by Peter Sawchyn. Every BeaverTail is completely handmade in the Sawchyn workshop from solid domestic and exotic woods - without use of CNC machines.


Savona classical guitars were made in Brazil from around 1960s onwards.


Protocaster guitars are built in Williamsburg Brooklyn by Josh Grove. Protocaster designs are based on the vintage Fender models and Grove hand carves each neck. He uses thin nitrocellulose finishes - aged to the preference of the customer.

Kazuo Sato

Kazuo Sato is a Japanese luthier born in 1946. In 1965 he apprenticed with Kuniharu Nobe. In 1971 he worked with David Rubio before opening his own workshop in 1974 in Belgium. He moved to Germany in 1976 and circa 2019 was still making classical guitars.


Bill Tippin makes acoustic guitars in Marblehead, Massachusetts. His background in furniture making and boat building gave him the wood working foundations to start making guitars in 1978. Five years later he was making guitars full time and went on to establish a reputation as one of the best modern builders of golden age style acoustic guitars.

Source: Tippin Guitars website (23 July 2020)

Mariano Tezanos Castro

Mariano Tezanos Castro (born 1949) makes classical and flamenco guitars in Madrid, Spain. He apprenticed and worked with José Ramirez III (like his father Mariano Tezanos Martin before him). Around 1984 he started a collaboration with Arturo Sanzano Moreno ("Moreno y Castro"). This collaboration lasted until around 1990.  In 1993 he formed a collaboration with Teodoro Gregorio Pérez and they began to distribute guitars under the M.Tezanos-Pérez brand name. This partnership ended In April 2005 but Mariano continued to make his successful Maestro model.


Bassworks electric basses and guitars are made by Bruce Hartley in the UK.


Don't know much about their History and that's why I am desperately trying to find out it online. There is no Information about the brand online. None. They are legitimate though I believe.

They made electric and bass guitars: the neck plate states "Sparkle professional guitars since 1960".


Martin Pratley launched Pratley Guitars in 2004 after several years of making custom stomp boxes and guitars. In 2002 he graduated from a 4 year Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design and Technology Education in Brisbane. Pratley Guitars is based on the Gold Coast in Queensland and makes electric guitars as well as wooden percussion stomp boxes and cajons.

Source: Pratley Guitars & Percussion website (19 May 2019)


Sergio Santucci, developed a 10 stringed instrument called the Treblebass which combines the range of the electric guitar and bass. The instruments were made in Japan and distributed by Santucci Corp. of New York.

Watch this - your mind will be blown: https://youtu.be/H4-EYfUXDOk

Source: Santucci Treblebass catalog 1990.

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