Keith Holland

Keith Holland makes custom electric guitars in Los Gatos, California. Holland has been in the guitar business since the mid 1990s and also offers guitar & amp repairs and modifications as well as instrument sales and rentals and music lessons.

Source: Keith Holland Guitars website (1 August 2022)

Arthur Crow

Arthur Crow (born 1928) was a maker of fine archtop jazz guitars based in rural Longmont, Colorado. He died in 1996.


In the early 1960s J.W. Gallagher and his son Don Gallagher helped set up a production line for the Shelby guitar in the Slingerland drum factory in Shelbyville, Tennessee. The Shelby was a budget acoustic model - J.W. Gallagher wanted to make a higher quality instrument so in 1965 made the first Gallagher acoustic guitar. There are also Shelby guitars from the 1970s that appear to be made in Japan.


Jim Cairnes was an English guitar maker, born around 1946 in Bournemouth, UK. Cairnes moved to Teeside as a child, and this is where he spent most of his life. Cairnes taught himself the electric guitar as a teenager and made his first one at the age of 16 in the early 1960s. By 1970 he had opened a guitar making factory with Brian Goodhall in Cumberland Road, Middlesbrough. Early on they launched the Colt Peacemaker (a revolver shaped guitar) in 1970 as a eye catching design to get publicity for their business, but Jim made many other great original guitar and bass designs including the Starguard and Stud electric guitars and the Stag bass. Cairnes also made his own pickups and supplied pickups to other UK guitar and bass makers. Jim Cairnes died in 2011 aged 65, he was still working on guitars until illness forced him to stop.

Marquee Club

Marquee Club was a brand of budget electric guitars introduced by JHS in the UK in 2016 and named after the Marquee Club in London - a famous music venue. There were three models:

  • the Axis - a strat style guitar with Hendrix graphics,
  • the Heaven - Les Paul style with Jimmy Page graphics
  • and the Salute - SG style with Angus Young graphics.

Source: Marquee Club website


XXL guitars are made by Marc Lupien in a shop called “Les ateliers de la corde”  in Beauharnois, Québec. XXL was started in 2003 when Lupien resolved to make a Danelectro style electric guitar but from high quality materials. The result was a light guitar but with great sustain and tone. Lupien collaborated with his friend and fellow luthier Daniel Fiocco to produce small production runs of high quality guitars. Fiocco has since moved on to work for Godin as a guitar designer,

Source: XXL Guitars website (1 August 2022)


Morifone Guitars was established by Ren Buffoni and Pierre-Emile Morin in Montreal, Canada. Ren Buffoni has been making guitars since 2010 and learned with the help of a number of mentors, including master luthier Marc Lupien, founder of XXL guitars. All Morifone instruments use their patented upward-winged headstock shape.

Source: Morifone Guitars website (1 August 2022)

Black 35

Black 35 Guitars was founded in 2016 by Anthony Cartinella. At the time he founded Black 35, Cartinella already had nearly 2 decades experience of building custom musical instruments through his drum company Dark Horse Percussion. Black 35 has grown to be a successful hand crafted electric guitar company and has built over 800 guitars for players globally, including renowned artists such as Rich Fortus (Guns n Roses), Frank Iero (My Chemical Romance), Brian Baker (Bad Religion), Stephen Egerton (Descendents), Tracii Guns (LA Guns). In July 2022, Cartinella handed over ownership of Black 35 to Kyle Wolfe, of Moon Guitars. Wolfe is another NJ luthier who had helped with Black 35 builds over the years and was the logical choice to carry on the Black 35 business.

Source: Black 35 Guitars website (1 August 2022)

Gullett Guitar Co

Gullett Guitar Co. was founded in 2015 by Chase A. Gullett. He first made an electric guitar in his high school wood-shop, but his first completed successful instrument was made in his mid twenties. Gullett  specializes in handmade electric guitars, which he builds in his small studio in central Ohio. Gullett has developed several unique guitar models over the years including the Superbird, Cobra, Daytona and Challenger. He also makes a more traditional T-model but with his own fresh take on the design.Each one as unique as the artists who play them. Featuring subtle design nods to icons and odd balls. Offering a fresh take on style paired with effortless playability allowing you to explore your own creative spaces.

Source: Gullett Guitar Co website (1 August 2022)


Przemek Drużkowski is a luthier and guitarist based in Newark on Trent in Nottinghamshire, UK. He has played and toured with Aonia in the UK and Europe. His guitars have been exhibited at MusikMesse 2017 in Germany and at the 2018 NAMM Show in Los Angeles as well as numerous UK guitar shows.

Source: Druzkowski Guitars website (31 July 2022)


Josh Gravelin makes and repairs guitar & bass pickups. Gravelin is also a bass player and started out playing in punk bands in his native Minnesota before moving to Austin where he lived for 15 years and played with various bands including Cotton Mather, MAD6 and Midnite Auto Supply. On his return to Minnesota in 2010 Gravelin he started the Americana group The Wooden Nickels.

Source: Gravelin Pickups website (31 July 2022)


Grainger Guitars was founded by brothers Darren and Gavin Grainger. Both had a background in precision engineering background, with skills including hydraulics, CNC machining,  3D CAD design and motor-sport fabrication. They make meticulously built, hand finished electric guitars their workshop in Oakham, UK. Grainger also make bridges and other guitar hardware.
Source: Grainger Guitars website (31 July 2022)

Magic Fluke

Magic Fluke was established in 1999 by Dale and Phyllis Webb in New Hartford Connecticut. Dale was encouraged by his brother-in-law Jim Beloff (a musician and publisher of music books and videos) to develop an affordable, USA-made ukulele. They introduced their prototypes and a handful of Jim’s books and CDs at the NAMM show in January of 1999. The Magic Fluke Company was born: orders started coming in and they had to quickly tool up and start producing instruments. The first concert Flukes started shipping in June of 1999 with three color options.  They have since added numerous variations, as well as  other instruments. Their product range includes: Soprano, Concert, Tenor, and Baritone Uke Banjos; a  5 string Banjo; solid body Electric Uke and Timber Bass; the Cricket travel Fiddle and Viola; and a 4 string Mandolin.


Thomas Tietzsch-Tyler is a custom electric guitar maker, based in Sheffield, UK. Since 2015 he has been based in a workshop in Sheffield's historic Portland Works where he makes electric guitars in limited runs, builds custom instruments and does repairs and restorations. He hand winds his own pickups and is careful to  work with suppliers who deliver FSC certified timber and are actively engaged in ensuring the sustainability of the exotic species used in Luthiery. He also uses old-stock wood in his builds, collected from sources like architectural salvage and retired woodworkers. Tietzsch-Tyler's background was as an art technician, and he has studied Automotive Design and Fine Art. He also has many years experience as a guitarist in various bands - all of this feeds into his guitar building approach.
Source: Tietzsch Guitars website (30 July 2022)

Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2015

Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2015 electric guitar in cherry sunburst finish

Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2015 features:

The 2015 Gibson Les Paul Traditional was a new variation on the Gibson Les Paul Traditional electric guitar model, The Les Paul Traditional was first introduced in 2008 as a more traditional alternative to the new 2008 Gibson Les Paul Standard.

Body material and shape

The 2015 model has a 2 piece solid mahogany body with no weight relief holes (completely solid body). It has a class A+ flame maple top traditionally used to make these carved top Gibson Les Paul guitars.

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