Ren Wei Shi

Ren Wei Shi is a Chinese made brand for violin family instruments, widely distributed in the USA.

SPS Design

SPS Design was a Kaman Music (Ovation) brand name. They produced budget versions of the Ovation bowl-back style acoustic in the 1980s.


I have seen various D'Orso branded acoustic guitars - ranging from old-style small bodied romantic guitars from the 1890s to more recent 1920s-1930s classical guitars. Usually attributed to German or Austrian manufacture.


Steelyjam is a Belgian electric guitar company founded by designer Arthur Devreux and sales director Jean-Baptiste Demarcon. Their first guitar model, the G01 is made from aluminum and launched around 2024, selling for €2650.

Source: Steelyjam website (12 May 2024)

Red Panda

Red Panda is an effects company founded by Curt Malouin, that specialises in DSP-based pedals. Curt was designing software synthesizers, but moved into hardware in 2009 - launching the Red Panda bitcrusher pedal. 2011 saw the release of their pioneering granular delay pedal - the Particle, which allowed musicians to bring granular synthesis from computers to live performances. Red Panda operates with a small, dedicated team in Detroit, their ethos is rooted in deep algorithm research and user-centered design. Currently, they are developing a second generation of pedals with enhancements like stereo inputs/outputs, programmable presets, and MIDI control, coupled with a web-based editor for detailed sound tweaking.

Source: Red Panda website (10 May 2024)


Apple Creek is a folk instrument brand. Their range used to include acoustic guitars (like their ACG10 travel guitar) but circa 2024 they appear to be mainly a dulcimer brand. The brand is owned by Grover Musical Products Inc. and was launched around 2001.

Mutzil Lab

Mutzil Lab is a South Korean electric guitar brand established in 2018. Their team includes luthier Lee Jung-Hyung and Korean traditional natural laquer artist An So-ra.Mutzil aims to create instruments that connect the east and west, the past and the present.

Lee Jung-hyung studied Metalwork & Jewelry in University, also learning woodworking skills which he used to make his own musical instruments. Between 2010 and 2017 he experimented with different designs and refined his own style of electric guitar.

An So-ra studied Cultural heritage preservation at University. She specialised in Ott lacquer (a traditional Korean lacquer technique) and received a master’s degree in lacquer refining and lacquer techniques. She also learned how to work with mother-of-pearl from Jeong Su-hwa, the holder of the National Intangible Cultural Property No. 113.


Starshine is a large producer and exporter of budget guitars, based in Weifang, China.


Gyrock is a rotary pickup system for electric guitars developed by Wild Customs in France. The system has two rollers: one in the neck and one in the bridge position. Each roller is operated mechanically by its own switch and each one houses up to 3 pickups - so you can have up to 6 different pickups in the guitar at any one time. The rollers can also be swapped from the back of the guitar to give you even more pickup options. Wild Customs have partnered with Seymour Duncan as the pickup provider on their starter pack - but the system can also be used with other pickups. Works with single coil pickups and narrow-sized humbuckers.

Source: Gyrock website (1 May 2024)


Chris Polin is a Belfast-born guitarist and luthier, who now makes custom guitars and basses in Manchester, UK.

Source: Polin Guitars website (28 April 2024)


Orso is a one-man custom electric guitar company based in Lyon, France


NISHGAKI GUITARS is a Japanese guitar brand established by luthier Yuki Nishgaki. He hand-makes all Nishgaki guitars himself and specialises in custom semi-hollow and archtop instruments.

Source: Nishgaki Guitars website (28 April 2024)

De Leeuw

De Leeuw Guitars is a French maker of custom neck through electric and bass guitars. Instruments are made in their workshop in Pont-Sainte-Maxence, but can also be viewed (by appointment) in their Paris showroom.

Source: De Leeuw Guitars website (28 April 2024)


Zeru Guitars is a relatively affordable headless electric guitar brand launched in 2023 by Impulse Music Co. Circa 2024 their range included the Standard Series, Signature Series and VOID Series. Available in 6, 7 and 8-string versions.

Source: Zeru Guitars website (28 April 2024)


Armand Sentous has been making custom guitars and basses under the Sentous brand name since around 2019.

Source: Sentous Guitars website (28 April 2024)

Hammett Guitar Co.

Pat Hammett founded Hammett Guitar Company, a boutique UK electric guitar maker. He's not related to Kirk Hammett (despite sharing the same last name). His guitars are inspired by the budget-friendly but iconic guitars sold in the 1950s and 60s in U.S. department stores and catalogs. His redesigns of these guitars feature better materials and parts for today's musicians. Also produces Drummond & Hammett (D+H) cigar box guitars.

Source: Hammett Guitar Company website (26 April 2024)

Hungry Robot

Hungry Robot Pedals is an effects pedals and synth module company founded in 2012 by Eric Junge. In 2021 they relocated from North Carolina to Iowa.

Maurizio Uber

Maurizio Über Basses, also known as MüB, specializes in handcrafted custom bass guitars. The company, led by Maurizio Caduto, focuses on innovation and quality, using advanced techniques like CNC for precision in construction of basses with unique features such as custom electronics, and the use of diverse materials. MüB also focuses on sustainability by incorporating recycled materials into their instruments. MüB is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Source: Maurizio Uber Basses website (24 April 2024)


Brute Basses is a UK bass brand started by David Telfer. Telfer began building his own bass guitars to create unique instruments, leveraging his love for hands-on crafting and design (his background is in the fashion industry). Initially modifying Fenders, he soon began designing his own basses, drawing inspiration from mid-century designs and less conventional models by brands like Fenton Weil and Yamaha. His creative process involves using locally sourced recycled materials and experimenting with various design elements to produce distinctive, high-quality instruments. His brand, Brute Basses, has gained recognition and use among notable musicians, reflecting his dedication to combining aesthetic innovation with practical functionality. Circa 2022 Telfer was operating Brute as a side project to his main job running the Sunspel clothing brand. | address: Swansea, United Kingdom | Tel: +44 7366 885355 | e-mail: [email protected]


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