Desert Star

Desert Star electric guitars are made by Dave Newman. Dave runs a small shop building high quality instruments. They don't seem to have a website at the moment so I think the best way to contact him circa 2023 is @LtDave32 on

Christian Dörr

Christian Dörr is a German luthier who was born in 1963. He began making guitars while still growing up in Neustadt. He trained as a luthier for plucked instruments in Mittenwald and made his first concert guitar at the age of 20. He makes custom classical, acoustic and electric guitars as well as doing repairs.

Rene Baarslag

Rene Baarslag was born in Holland in 1948. He studied mechanical engineering before moving to Spain to study flamenco but then decided pursue a guitar making career. He settled in Granada, the traditional heartland of Spanish guitar making where he some of the great luthiers and apprenticed with Antonio Marin Montero. He has been actively making guitars since 1980.

Source: Rene Baarslag guitars website (23 January 2023)

Soren Lischke

Soren Lischke is a German classical guitar maker who has made guitars inspired by Romanillos, Antonio de Torres  as well as a reproduction of an 1860 guitar "Ella". In 2017 he was based in Boom, Antwerp in Belgium but by 2020 he had moved to Karlsrhue in Germany.

Antonio Ariza

Antonio Ariza is a Spanish maker of flamenco and classical guitars. He has been making guitars in Granada since the 1960s - possibly earlier?


Cherman Guitars was founded in 2018 in Buenos Aires by German García Duran a sound engineer and guitar and bass builder. The Cherman range includes original electric guitar designs: the Coral, Valencia, India and Coral JR as well as the Emma bass. Cherman can also make custom guitars inspired by the classic strat and tele models.

Source: Cherman Guitars website (22 January 2023)


The Badlands Guitar Company was founded by online guitar personality The Tone King, Luka Skalabrin, Phillip McKnight and Brian Olexy. The founders are fans of 1980s hard rock music and gear and they launched the company to make gear inspired by that era. Custom guitars with eye catching graphics (like the Jackson built Charvels) were central to the early 1980s Los Angeles heavy metal scene & Badlands want to echo that style. In early 2023 they announced their first guitar: the Badlands GX1 Redline (with a price of $2499). The GX1 Redline is a super-strat made in the USA with red stripe graphics over a black body and custom USA made pickups.

Source: Badlands Guitar Company website (22 January 2023)


Jim Herlin is a Swedish electric guitar maker.

The New Vintage

The New Vintage (TNV) was founded by Kevin Gullion and is based in Alberta, Canada. Kevin worked in engineering for many years before switching to furniture making while recovering from an illness. He specialized in one-off chairs made from old wood recovered from farm buildings. He carried on this approach into guitar making - trying to make original guitar designs inspired by vintage instruments. He still sometimes uses reclaimed wood and hardware for his guitars.

Source: The New Vintage website (19 January 2023)

Arda Guitars

Arda electric guitars are made in Italy by Olmo Bosi. He started making guitars with the help of his father and with the advice of lute maker Stefano Malusi. On graduation from university he became a full time guitar maker. He builds each guitar himself from start to finish employing both traditional hand tools and modern precision tools where appropriate. The standard Arda models are the Martyr, Martyr II and Summit, but Arda is a custom shop so many options are possbile.

Source: Arda Guitars website (19 January 2023)

DY Guitars

DY Guitars is the brand name of Dennis Yau. Dennis started making guitars in 2003 and is known for building replica relic guitars from quality parts. Based in the UK, he specializes in strat and tele style electric guitars.

Source: DY Guitars website (19 January 2023)

Black Creek

Black Creek Musical Instrument Company was founded by Chris "Lumpy" Hofschneider. Hofshneider was from upstate New York and had gained experience building instruments with guitar makers in the Woodstock area such as Stuart Spector, Harvey Citron, and Joe Veillette. Hofschneider was also a long time associate of Michael Tobias  and a guitar tech for Richie Sambora. He built NYS electric guitars to custom order, costing around $2500 circa 2001. Also made Time Square branded guitars (used by Walter Becker of Steely Dan and Richie Sambora). Chris Hofschneider passed away in 2016. | address: Swansea, United Kingdom | Tel: +44 7366 885355 | e-mail: [email protected]


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