Mousetrap Studios

Mousetrap Studios baritone guitars are made in Jersey City, New Jersey.


Henriksen Amplifiers began with Bud Henriksen's desire for a portable amp that could authentically amplify jazz guitar. Starting in the 1980s with Henriksen Data Systems and transitioning through software development, Bud ultimately focused on his passion for music. After retiring, he developed the Jazz Amp in 2006, revolutionizing amplifiers with its quality and tone. Despite Bud's passing, his son Peter continues the mission, expanding beyond jazz to serve various musicians with portable, high-quality amplifiers, embodying the belief that better sound leads to better performance.

Source: Henriksen Amplifiers website (7 April 2024)


Ruby Guitars is a custom electric guitar company. Ruby guitars are hand made by Reuben Kemp who builds instruments inspired by the oddball pawnshop budget guitars of the 1960s.

Source: Ruby Guitars website (7 April 2024)


SOMA is a music electronics company making both electronic instruments and effects.


Eminar was an Australian amplifier and PA / live sound systems company active from around 1964 to the 1970s. The company was founded by Gary Millington and Peter Roberts in Melbourne. They made tube guitar amplifiers initially but switched to solid state amps in the 1970s.

Source: Oz Valve Amps: Eminar (3 April 2024)


Sonuus is a UK company, founded by a team with a strong background in digital signal processing and music technology, which focuses on creating innovative music products. Their expertise spans from algorithm development for major audio companies to creating novel musical instruments. Sonuus' technology is rooted in advanced signal processing, ensuring their products, like guitar-to-MIDI converters, are highly responsive and precise. Their guitar-related products include wah & volume pedals as well as guitar to MIDI converters and apps.

Source: Sonuus website (13 March 2024)


Strobel is an Eastman brand name for violins and other orchestral stringed instruments.


Mono is a brand name owned by Vista Musical Instruments LLC of Kalamazoo. Mono produce a range of instrument cases, effects pedal boards, power supplies and other accessories.

Source: Mono website (27 March 2024)


Livewire is a house brand of the Guitar Center group used for a range of effects pedal boards and ABY switches. | address: Swansea, United Kingdom | Tel: +44 7366 885355 | e-mail: [email protected]


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