Gosila acoustic guitars are made in China.


Swart Amplifier Co. was founded by Michael Swart, a musician and recording engineer and studio owner from Wilmington, NC. Swart started building custom tube amps to satisfy his need for a small recording amp for studio and home use with great tone and distortion characteristics, but flexible and quiet enough for recording use. This led to the development of the Swart Space Tone amp, soon followed by the Atomic Space Tone model. The Swart range now includes a wide range of retro style amp heads and combos as well as guitar effects pedals.

Source: Swart Amplifier Co. website (19 June 2022)

Tim Bram

Tim Bram makes hand crafted electric guitars in Pasadena, MD. He has been making guitars since the age of 14 and has been a professional wood-worker since the early 1990s. He now makes guitars as a full time career - specialising in small bodied thinline archtop electric guitars.

Source: Tim Bram Guitars website (19 June 2022)

Seymour Duncan

Seymour W. Duncan founded his guitar pickup making company in 1978, in Santa Barbera. California. Born in New Jersey in 1951, Seymour moved to London in the late 1960s. While working at  Repair and R&D Departments at the Fender Soundhouse in London he repaired and rewound pickups for English guitar players including Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, George Harrison, Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Pete Townshend, and Peter Frampton. On founding his company Duncan initially offered custom Stratocaster, Telecaster, and humbucking pickups. The product line has expanded over the years to a wide variety of electric, bass, and acoustic guitar pickups; guitar effects pedals and guitar accessories.

Source: Seymour Duncan website (17 June 2022)


Banker electric guitars are made by Matt Hughes in Georgia, USA. Banker Custom Guitars was founded in 2016 with the aim to recapture the magic of vintage Gibson electric guitars, using old school American Craftsmanship. As far as possible they build their instruments with the methods, hand tools and power tools from the 1950s golden era of electric guitars. Their necks are hand carved with rasps and spokeshaves. Matt Hughes was the first boutique builder to officially sign on with Gibson as part of the authorized partner program. This means Banker guitars can legally use Gibson trademarks, body shapes, and headstocks.

Source: Banker Guitars website (17 June 2022)

Oliver Klapproth

Oliver Klapproth is a German master luthier and maker of classical and acoustic guitars. He began his training in 2003 with Christian Stoll. In 2008 he moved to Markneukirchen, and enrolled on the musical in­stru­ment making course. During this time he did an 5 month internship semester in the workshop of Daniel Zucali in Austria. In 2009, while still studying, he opened his own workshop. He helped to teach the musical instrument making course in Mark­neu­kirchen until 2016.

Source: Oliver Klapproth website (16 June 2022)


Daniel Zucali is a guitar maker who was born in the Bregenzer Wald (Vorarlberg, Austria) in 1977. On leaving school in 1991 he started an apprenticeship at a technical college, which specialized in woodwork. From 1996 to 2001 he apprenticed at Hanika in Baiersdorf (Germany). He took some time out in 2003 from Hanika to get his Master Luthiers degree. In 2008 he left Hanika to open his own workshop where he specializes in nylon stringed guitars: classical, crossover and jazz style.

Source: Zucali website (16 June 2022)


Shanti acoustic guitars are made by Michael Hornick. Michael was originally a sheet-metal worker but he made his first acoustic guitar in 1985 with the encouragement of his friend Richard Hoover of Santa Cruz Guitars. In 1988 he opened his own workshop in Avery, California where he custom made acoustic guitars. He marketed his instruments largely through the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. Each year the winner of the Troubadour singer-songwriter competition at Telluride walks away with a Shanti acoustic guitar. Hornick has now closed the big workshop in Avery and moved to Missoula, Montana but he still makes guitars on a smaller scale in his garage. Michael continues to share his knowledge of luthiery through a mandolin-building course he teaches each year at the RockyGrass Academy in Lyons, Colorado.

Source: Shanti Guitars website (16 June 2022)

Guitar Mechanic, Manchester

Phil the Guitar Mechanic is based in Sale Moor, Manchester, M33. He repairs and modifies guitars and other stringed instruments (such as banjos etc).

High Cliff Soundboard 2

High Cliff Soundboard 2 amplifier

The High Cliff Soundboard 2 was an acoustic amplifier that had a piezo driven spruce soundboard instead of a speaker. It was designed by Bruce Petros. Available as both a combo amplifier and  extension cabinet, the specifications were:

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Diner Guitars

Diner Guitars is a Canadian company that makes electric guitars inspired by 1950s American Diners. The bodies have "Diner binding" edged with the metal trim that you see on traditional diner tables.

Source: Diner Guitars website (15 June 2022)


Lyman Guitar Company was founded in 2017 by Art Tantiyawarong and Sophia Woods . Art & Sophia initially ran a music store Yellow Mama Music in Lyman, South Carolina. In 2017 in collaboration with Thai Musical Instrument Distributor Bank they established BAS Industries (Bank, Art & Sophia) a musical instrument distributor selling various brands. They launched Lyman amplifiers in 2018 soon followed by the Lyman CS (Custom Shop) range of electric guitars. In 2019 Lyman Guitar Co. and TYMA Guitars entered into an exclusive partnership (Tyma by Lyman) to expand the Lyman acoustic line while introducing the TYMA name to the United States. In 2020 Lyman introduced a line of more affordable imported guitars.

Source: Five Minutes with Lyman Guitar Co.'s Staff. Music & Sound Retailer August 2021, Vol 38 No 8

Jol Dantzig

Jolyon "Jol" Dantzig has been making guitars since 1973. He has worked for Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Guild and Ovation but is best known as a founding partner of Hamer Guitars. At Hamer Dantzig pioneered the modern vintage boutique electric guitar with high quality instruments inspired by vintage Gibsons but with modern improvements. When Hamer Guitars was acquired by Kaman in 1988, Dantzig served as a consultant for a while eventually returning properly in 1997 as technical director.

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