Woodson Music Inc. / Woodson Electronics Inc. was formed by Michael D. Woodson in Bartlesville, Oklahoma but soon moved to Elgin, Missouri in 1973. They produced P.A., guitar and bass amplifiers in the 1970s. The company was dissolved in 1980.

Source: Woodson catalogs 1973, 1977; corporate records


VIG Guitars was a budget electric guitar and bass brand launched around 2007 by GEWA. At launch in 2007 the range included the following guitar models: Poison, Cobra, Spirit, Screech, Eruption and Dragster.  Poison and Cobra were also available as 4&5 string basses, All guitars were priced below €300 and all basses below €400. By 2009 the VIG brand name was replaced by VGS.

Source: VIG Guitars catalog 2007

Source: VIG guitars website (Archived 2008)


The Meinels are a well known & historical German guitar making family. Christian Hermann Meinel established the Meinel workshop in 1862. The work was continued by Adolf Friedrich Meinel who in turn trained Adolf Richard Meinel. The latest in the long line of Meinel luthiers is Ulrike Meinel.

Bruni Jacob

Brunhilde (Bruni) Jacob specializes in the construction of new mandolins, mandolas and classical guitars in various sizes. The designs are in-house developments, but are based on traditional designs. She also offers special models (e.g. octave guitar, various acoustic models, mandocello). She qualified as a luthier in Markneukirchen and in 1996 went to work for Ulrike Meinel making zithers and guitars. She started her own workshop in 1998. From 2000 to 2014 she taught luthiery in Klingenthal.

Adolf Meinel Classical #unknown

1969 Adolf Meinel classical guitar

This Adolf Meinel guitar was built in 1969 by a renowned East German luthier Adolf Meinel from Markneukirchen. Meinel guitars have deep resonant (but not boomy) sound, long sustain and are characterized by a uniquely comfortable neck profile which is a bit of a mystery for contemporary classical guitar makers.


Les Godfrey has been building electric basses and guitars since 1995. Les studied with the luthier and musician Carl Thompson. Godfrey's Dragonetti bass design is partly inspired by the double bass. Each Dragonetti is hand carved with scrolls and an arch top. Godfrey's other designs

Source: Godfrey Guitars website (15 October 2021)


TUSC was a tube amplifier company based in Central Islip, NY and run by Craig Frye. They produced a range of programmable tube amplifiers in the early 1980s: the range included heads (CF50, CF100), cabinets (using FANE speakers) and combo amplifiers (DF50, DF100 and CR100).

Source: TUSC catalog 1981

Harmsworth & Willis

Harmsworth & Willis was an acoustic guitar brand based in Kent, UK. Their range included Gypsy Jazz style acoustic guitars. The company was founded by Mike Harmsworth and Neville Willis, and they imported small batches of hand made guitars from Asia (Phillipines?) for sale in the UK. The company ran for around 9 years from the 1990s into the 2000s.


Gaviar is a Chinese acoustic guitar brand - established in 1991.


Hsienmo is a Chinese acoustic guitar brand - established around 2001. Hsienmo instruments are aimed at the mid-to-upper end of the market and use some innovative technologies (for example the Shiyi model has an interesting bracing & soundhole arrangement; or their S50 model - inspired by the Lowden S50 design) and some have rare tonewoods.

NAH Guitars

NAH Guitars are made by Nick Hartell in Letchworth, UK. He has 3 standard styles of electric guitars as well as a custom build service for those who would like to design their own guitars.

Source: NAH Guitars website (11 October 2021)


Scavenger was established by Dominic Allan around 2020 in Dorset, UK. Dom had worked in musical instrument manufacture, repair , retail and performance for 30 years. Since 2003 he worked as an instrument technician at All Instruments, Westbury Wilts. He faced a problem common to piano dealers: what do you do with a scrap piano? His solution is to recycle the piano wood into Scavenger electric guitars and basses.

Source: Scavenger website (7 October 2021)

Windsor (banjos)

Arthur Octavius Windsor ran a coffin furniture factory in Birmingham, UK in the 1880s, but was a keen banjo player in his spare time. Windsor began to make banjos in part of his factory. These proved to be popular and he opened an instrument factory (the Castle Works) in Newhall Street, Birmingham in 1890. The head office, show room and metal part manufacturing was in the Castle Works and the saw mill and wood working factory was in the Hampton Works on Mott Street. By the 1930s Windsor was producing thousands of instruments each year including banjos, zither-banjos, banjolins and mandolin-banjos. They also exported widely and made their cheaper instruments available for other retailers who branded them with their own names. In 1940, however, the factory was destroyed in an air raid and the company closed.

Source: The Banjo Story. A.P. Sharpe (unpublished)

Wild Customs

Wild Customs is an artisan guitar making workshop based in Creuzier-le-Vieux, France. Its run by a team of guitar fanatics with creative mindsets, they build and design great guitars but are also involved with design side projects such as watches & furniture. Wild Customs guitars are designed, built, and finished entirely by hand.

Source: Wild Custom Guitars website (1 October 2021)

Wild Boar

Wild Boar is an acoustic guitar and ukulele brand. The instruments are made in China are sold in the UK.


Sauvage Guitars are made by the Wild Customs team in Creuzier-le-Vieux, France. Their OPM (One Piece Master) models are carved from a single slab of flamed ash. The slab is included with the guitar as a custom display stand.

Source: Sauvage Guitars website (1 October 2021)

Vik Guitars

Vik Guitars are made by Viachaslau "Vik" Kuletski in Belarus. Vik became disillusioned while studying law so he dropped out of college in 2004 and joined a luthier who taught him the basics of the job. Over the next few years he serviced and repaired guitars with the occasional custom build. Iniitially he built the classic Fender & Gibson designs - learning the alphabet of guitar making but in 2007 he came up with his first original design.It took years of hard work both in the shop and online to make his original designs a success. He now makes the Caprice S and T, Duality, Black Lotus, Saviour and Domineer models. He has worked with and created instruments for: Jeff Kollman, Adam Nolly Getgood, Tosin Abasi, Keith Merrow, Fredrik Thordendal, Alan Sacha Laskow, and Fred Brum.

Source: Vik Guitars website (30 September 2021)


Damian Probett  worked for several years in the woodwork shop at the British Aerospace factory at the old Brooklands airfield and racetrack in Weybridge. He also spent several years working for one of London’s leading repair shops with Charlie Chandler and Paul Herman. His electric guitars are made by hand and circa 2021 he offers 3 standard models: the Rocket III, the Meteor and the SG-teor.

Source: Probett Guitars website (28 September 2021)

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