Hottie Guitars was founded in 2005 by Jean-Claude Escudie in Portland, Oregon. Initially Escudie made guitar amps out of vintage toasters and other kitchen equipment. In 2007 he teamed up with master luthier Saul Koll to collaborate on a series of electric guitars. The first model was the Limited Edition Hottie 454 which was soon followed by the Hottie 327 and Hottie 429.

Source: Hottie Guitars website (6 March 2023)

Benedikt Gatz

Benedict Gatz is a German classical guitar maker. In 2002 he was based in Landsberg am Lech.

Henman Bevilacqua

Henman Bevilacqua (Hen-Bev) guitars started in 2005, when guitar maker Scotty Bevilacqua approached his long time friends, Paris and Graham Henman, to start an electric guitars brand. Paris and Graham would bring their design, fashion and film world experience to the table and Scotty, his craftsmanship, quality and his insistence on ultimate tone. Two years later at NAMM 2007 they exhibited their prototypes. Henman-Bevilacqua Guitars was born. The range included the Rocka and Mod guitars and the Rola bass. The instruments licensed Dave Bunker's tension free neck design (Bevilacqua had previously apprenticed with Dave Bunker). Around 2010 Scotty Bevilacqua left the company and it became Henman Guitars.

Ian Dickinson

Ian Dickinson is a Scottish guitar maker who studied with William C Kelday, Paul Hyland and Michael Ritchie on the musical instrument making course at Anniesland College from 2005 until 2007. He then spent time repairing and restoring instruments while also working as the head technician for a major Scottish guitar maker. He left to start his own business and in 2015 opened the guitar workshop in Argyle Street, Glasgow. In 2022 the workshop moved to the south side of Glasgow. Dickinson specialises in making acoustic guitars and his range includes small jumbo, parlour, OO and L0 styles.

Source: Ian Dickinson guitars website (4 March 2023)))


Isaac Kahir established Cranmer Guitars in 2018 in Glasow, Scotland. Cranmer is based in The Guitar Workshop - a co-owned space shared with Ian Dickinson. Isaac studied guitar making and repair at Anniesland and Newark college, where he learned the techniques to make steel strings, classicals, electrics, and archtop guitars. He is now best known for his archtop guitars - and offers various custom options on his instruments, such as adjustable necks, sound- ports, and structured sides.

Source: Cranmer Guitars website (4 March 2023)


Copeland Guitars are handmade by Matt Walker in Austin, Texas. Matt started making guitars around 2013 - and specialises in offset electrics. Most of his guitars are made to order.

Source: Copeland Guitars website (3 March 2023)

Ed Reynolds

Ed Reynolds is a legendary Austin guitar repairman - who has done repairs for Eric Johnson, Redd Volkaert, David Grissom and Monte Montgomery amongst others. He started out fixing guitars in the 1970s in his native Chicago and along the way learned from Steven Ivanovich an old-school German luthier trained in Mittenwald. He has worked as a consultant for Collings Guitars as well as several pickup makers. Reynolds has made custom guitars but these are few and far-between - the ones I've seen have multiple push-button pickup selectors.

Source: The Guitar Whisperers. D.C. Bloom. Lone Star Music Magazine. January 1 2011

Toru Nittono

Toru Nittono is a Japanese guitar maker who started out working in a Japanese guitar factory in the 1970's. He relocated to the USA in 1981 where worked repairing and custom building guitars in Los Angeles. This gave him the chance to work on many vintage guitars and build and repair guitars for many top players including: Robben Ford, Tom Petty, John Pisano, Bruce Spingsteen, Coco Montoya, John Sykes, Carlos Santana and Ted Greene. He opened his own workshop in 2000 in Van Nuys and started offering his own line of arched top instruments as well as his signature series of Model-T instruments which are small, hollow/semi-hollow tele-style guitars that with hand-carved maple or spruce arched tops. The  including the Jazz Electric Nylon Model Model-T stands out and was played by Carlos Santana on tour.

Source: Toru Nittono Guitars website (3 March 2023)


Pinehome guitars are made in Norway by Tom Furuheim. Tom started out making guitars out of parts for his son. He then became inspired to build acoustic guitars and spent a year studying acoustic guitar construction and gathering the right tools. In 2011 he set up his workshop, and in 2012 Pinehome Guitars was born. He made 3 different acoustic guitar models and 26 instruments in total before stopping and selling most of his tools. A year later his cousin asked him to make a telecaster electric - and his passion was rekindled, launching the Pinehome electric era. He now builds fantastic electric guitars in a new workshop - the range includes the iconic classic American designs as well as Pinehome originals.

Source: Pinehome guitars website (3 March 2023) | address: Swansea, United Kingdom | Tel: +44 7366 885355 | e-mail: [email protected]


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