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Sonora acoustic guitars were made in Europe in the early/mid 20th century - possibly related to Busato. These early ones have "Sonora" stamped on the soundboard Circa 2020 the brand was still in use on budget imported classical guitars as well as strings distriuted by the Sonora Strings company.

Wylde Audio

Wylde Audio was founded by Zakk Wylde in 2016 as an electric guitar brand. Circa 2019 Wylde Audio guitars were only available in the USA and were distributed by Schecter.

Source: Wylde Audio website (8 October 2019)


Georg Walther founded GEWA in 1925 in Adorf , Saxony, Germany an area with a long tradition of musical instrument manufacture, In the 1950s the company moved to another famous luthiery region - Mittenwald, Bavaria in the aftermath of World War II. Political changes with the reunification of Germany saw GEWA move their headquarters back to Adorf by 2010. Today, the GEWA company has subsidiaries in all important export markets but also holds substantial shares in Asian musical instruments factories. Circa 2017, GEWA GmbH employed more than 250 qualified members of staff in the areas of production, product management, sales, purchasing, administration, accounting, marketing and logistics.

C Giant

C. Giant is a budget electric and acoustic guitar and accessory brand, made in China and widely distributed in Europe. These were sold in Aldi supermarkets from around 2008 as well as in Argos shops in the UK.


Bohemian Guitars was founded by South African brothers Adam and Shaun Lee. While growing up in Johannesburg, Shaun observed the resourcefulness of the musicians in local townships who would build their own instruments out of whatever was available. After moving to Atlanta, Georgia, Shaun began making instruments in this style, using scrap materials like old oil cans. Soon Adam was on board and in 2012 Bohemian Guitars was founded, selling oil can guitars first locally and then beyond. Bohemian Guitars embraced the use of social media to promote their instruments and expand their markets word wide.

Bohemian instruments are made using an extended tenon design, the neck extends to the end of the can. This helps balance this instrument. They have a removable back panel giving easy access to the interior. Bohemian Guitars use less wood than a traditional electric guitar - the company source their timber from sustainable forests or reclaimed wood.

Blast Cult

Luthier Jason Burns (of King Doublebass) launched the Blast Cult brand in 2011 - intially as an upright bass brand for the alternative/rockabilly player. Blast-Cult products now include: upright bass, electric bass, electric guitar, strings, pickups and effects pedals.


Blacksmith is a brand name of the South Korean DHP Corporation. Blacksmith offer a full range of guitar and bass strings as well as accessories like cables, straps, picks, cleaners and polish.


In the 1940s, Paul A. Bigsby was a foreman at a machine shop in Los Angeles owned by Albert Crocker of the Crocker Motorcycle Company. Paul’s interest in motorcycles and Western music brought him into contact with Merle Travis and they became good friends. Merle brought his Gibson L-10 guitar to Bigsby for him to fix its worn out Kaufman vibrato. On seeing the problems with the Kaufman design Travis ended up designing a whole vibrato mechanism which worked much better. The new Bigsby design quickly became the vibrato of choice for most guitar manufacturers.


The Aquila brandname was associated with Favilla Guitars, Inc. of Long Island, who imported Japanese made Aquila guitars in the 1960s and early 1970s. The  Favila brand name is now associated with the Italian Aquila Corde Armoniche company who make gut and synthetic strings.

Source: Those fabulous Favillas


The LeeHooker brand was established in 1998, by professional musicians who wanted to try building guitars. LeeHooker is based in the Czech Republic and offers a range of electric guitars, basses, effects pedals and guitar accessories. All LeeHooker guitars are custom boutique instruments (up to 90% handmade) all models are solely made in Czech Republic.

Currently LeeHooker offer two product lines: The Vintage Line and The Pro Line. The Vintage Line models are replicas of famous models from well known brands, The Pro Line models are LeeHooker original designs.


The D'Addario brand is best known for its range of instrument strings and Planet Waves guitar accessories - but it also produces percussion and woodwind accessories. The D'Addario company was founded by Rocco and Charles D’Addario who came from a family of farmers and string makers. The D'Addarios emigrated from Italy to Astoria, Queens, New York after an earthquake destroyed their home town of Salle in 1905.



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