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Levy’s was founded in 1973 by Dennis Levy and is run by Dennis and his brother Harvey. Levy's is a leading manufacturer of consumer leather and nylon goods with factories in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Levy’s sells guitar straps, instrument bags, gun slings, gun cases, cartridge belts, knife sheathes and belts.


The Shubb Capo Company was founded in 1974 in California by Rick Shubb (a banjo player) and Dave Coontz (an auto mechanic). Their first product was a fifth string banjo capo. Further products followed in the late 1970s including a compensated banjo bridge and a guitar capo which was Shubb's first big commercial success. Shubb also make a line of guitar steels inspired by John Pearse.

WristRock Crystal Guitar Watches

Crystal Guitar Watches

[Press release, November 23, 2010]
WristRock, marketer of guitar watches modeled after vintage guitars has announced a new limited edition collection incorporating Swarovski crystals into their designs. The StratoBling Collection features more than 40 Swarovski crystals hand-crafted onto each guitar body and leather wrist band. Colors include Diamond Black, Silver Ice, Sapphire Blue, Passion Red and Hot Pink. StratoBling guitar watches are being introduced on the Company’s secure electronic boutique at at $89.95.

iTab electronic songbook

i-tab portable guitar tab computer

[PRESS RELEASE-NOVEMBER 2010] The revolutionary and patented i-tab scroll chords and lyrics in perfect time and the new firmware v1.2 version brings a host of improvements and comes in perfect time for Christmas!

The i-tab grabbed the headlines when it launched in spring 2010. It offered for the first time guitarists of all levels a pocket sized unit that sat on the end of a guitar which gave a prompt for song chords and lyrics and at the tempo of your choice.

Guitar Toothpicks

Guitar Pick Toothpicks in a packet of 24

Whether you're plucking out a savory meatball or blazing a hard rock ballad, these picks will serve up awesomeness.

Pick up your party with the power of rock!

You get twenty-four hard-charging multicolored guitar toothpicks in this pack. Nosh like a rockstar!

Costs around $6. GAMA-GO products are available in 100+ boutiques across 26 states and the District of Columbia. Products are also available online through the company's website and in their flagship store in San Francisco's SOMA neighborhood.

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The Flipper Electric Guitar Spatula

Girl holding a red flipper electric guitar spatula and a frying pan, pensively

GAMA-GO released this electric guitar shaped spatula called the Flipper in 2009. The success of The Flipper helped to cement GAMA-GO's name among the top gift-ware design companies.

With the Flipper you can serve up some pure Rock n' Roll deliciousness. Perfect for eggs, pancakes, or the Elvis special -- fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

The Flipper is 50% rock, 50% roll and 100% Silicone. It's dishwasher safe and tested up to 500º. Crank up the heat, crank up the jams, and get cookin'!

Available in red and black for around $12.00.

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GAMA-GO is an apparel company that was started in 2001 by Greg Long and Chris Edmundson. The pair began silkscreening t-shirts with artwork from their friends in Long’s San Francisco  garage. They wanted to help promote the San Francisco art scene and distract from their day jobs. Shortly after starting, one of Long’s friends, artist Tim Biskup  joined them, and printed shirts with Biskup’s Gama-Goon character. The three of them together took the basement hobby and turned it into a company. In 2006, Tim Biskup ceased his creative involvement with the company.

With characters such as The Yeti, DeathBot, Tigerlily, Sqiddles, Dirty Bird, and Bling-Bling, the designs fall into place with the low brow and pop art movements. GAMA-GO specializes in unique apparel, gifts and art from artists including Tim Biskup, Joe Ledbetter, Jackson Pritt, Grace Fontaine and Wednesday Kirwan.

Gakken Mini Electric Guitar Kit

Gakken Mini Guitar Kit - number 26

The Japanese Gakken Mook series is a range of self assembly kits each with an accompanying mook (magazine-book). Kit number 26 is a particularly cool build-it-yourself miniature guitar. The kit has around 20 parts and should take an hour to put together, with the finished 4 string instrument about 15 inches long and 5 inches wide.


Ernie Ball was an American entrepreneur and musician. Around 1958 Ernie Ball opened probably the first American music store selling exclusively guitars.
In the 1960s Ernie noticed a demand for lighter gauge strings, associated with the rock and roll playing styles.

The Ernie Ball Slinky range of guitar strings were officially launced in 1962 and remain popular today.

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