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Wabash is a guitar, amplifier & accessories brand name of David Wexler & Company.  Wexler & Co has been around since the 1920s and the Wabash guitars date back until at least the 1950s. There were also Wabash tube amplifiers, picks & straps.

Source: Wexlar & Co website (25 June 2021)


RockJam is a budget electric guitar and amplifier brand, made in China. Circa 2020 these were sold in the UK by Argos shops and online at Amazon-  as a £99 starter kit including amplifier and strap.

Wylde Audio

Wylde Audio was founded by Zakk Wylde in 2016 as an electric guitar brand. Circa 2019 Wylde Audio guitars were only available in the USA and were distributed by Schecter.

Source: Wylde Audio website (8 October 2019)


Anglo-Swiss luthier Patrick Hufschmid lives and works in the Aigle near Montreux in Switzerland. He studied acoustic steel string, electric guitar building and repair at Red Wing Technical College, Minnesota, USA, before starting out in 1996 as a self-employed artisan guitar maker. Hufschmid also makes luxury guitar picks.

Source: Hufschmid guitars website

De Rosa

De Rosa is brandname used for a range of budget imported instruments (including travel electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitars and amplifiers) distributed in the USA by Bridgecraft.


Blacksmith is a brand name of the South Korean DHP Corporation. Blacksmith offer a full range of guitar and bass strings as well as accessories like cables, straps, picks, cleaners and polish.


The LeeHooker brand was established in 1998, by professional musicians who wanted to try building guitars. LeeHooker is based in the Czech Republic and offers a range of electric guitars, basses, effects pedals and guitar accessories. All LeeHooker guitars are custom boutique instruments (up to 90% handmade) all models are solely made in Czech Republic.

Currently LeeHooker offer two product lines: The Vintage Line and The Pro Line. The Vintage Line models are replicas of famous models from well known brands, The Pro Line models are LeeHooker original designs.


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