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  • New Tuner for Guitar/Bass/Violin/Chromatic
  • New Tuner for Guitar/Bass/Violin/Chromatic
  • New Tuner for Guitar/Bass/Violin/Chromatic


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 Acme’s new tuner model AM-T90 came into the market in July 2009. This tuner
uses Input & Output Jacks as well as orange backlight for LCD
display. The holder on the back gives a good 45 degree visual angle,
thus with an easy to see screen when tuning. This tuner will soon be put into mass production.

AM-T90 specifications

Tuner good for Guitar, Bass, Violin
Mode : Auto & Manual Tuning mode
Tuning Range : A0(27.50Hz)-C8(4,186.00Hz)
Tolerance/precision : +/-0.5Cent
Calibration/measurement : 433-447Hz(1Hz steps)
Display : LCD-Needle-display 43*21mm,3additional LED for fine-tuning
Input : 6.3mm input socket,integrated condenser microphone
Output : 6.3mm input socket
Chromatic mode(chromatic for all instruments) : C,C#,D,D#,E,F,F#,G,G#,A,A#,B
Guitar mode(as well as 7-string) : 7B,6E, 5A,4D,3G,2B,1E
Bass mode (as well as 5-and 6-string) : LB, 4E,3A,2D,1G,HC
Violin mode (mandolin) : 4G,3D, 2A, 1E,
30 minute Automatic power off
battery : 1.5V (AAAsize ) x 2
Dimension : W102mm*H62mm*18.5mm
Back-light illuminates LED panel(Orange)
45 degree visual angle, we add a 45 degree holder on the back


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