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Philippe Clain (born Paris 1951) trained as a cabinet maker before going to work for the Baschet Brothers in Paris. The Baschet Brothers were artists and physicists who created sound sculptures and novel musical instruments like glass organs, musical fountains and inflatable guitars. Clain met many instrument makers and luthiers from across the world in  François Baschet's workshop. In 1972 he moved to Ardèche where he restored pianos and repaired violins. He also developed a program of musical entertainment for schools using an instrumentarium inspired by the work of the Baschet brothers. In 1984 he left mainland France for Reunion Island with its forests of exotic native & introduced timbers. Clain makes conventional looking classical guitars, violins and cellos but also original and unsual looking guitars and basses.


With his solid workshop experience and passion for the uniting power of music, Maxime Baron builds custom acoustic guitars in a cozy thousand-square-feet-shop, of which the liveliness is only matched by the quality of the products belonging thereto. Fingerpicking enthusiasts and musicians who want an instrument that measures up to their ambitions will find their way. The traditional craftsmanship approach, oriented toward sound physics and playability, is aimed at the needs of the client: tone, wood species, playing technique - nothing is left to chance. Above all, Baron Guitars is the promise of an accurate workmanship from a professional luthier.


Gabriele Ballabio is an Italian luthier who started out working as a sound assistant at Carimate's Lark Recording Studio. He trained as a cabinetmaker and then as a master luthier and bowmaker at the Gubbio luthiery school studying with M. Ildebrando and S. Guerriero (where he then worked as a teacher for the following 4 years). In 1997 he opened his luthiery workshop for the repair and the restoration and construction of classical bowed instruments and guitars. His passion for the guitar led him to specialize in the construction techniques of this instrument - under the guidance of Maestro G. Giussani. Today he offers his own personal guitar models: classical, archtop, flat top, electric, acoustic and bass. He also offers replicas of historical models.


Essence Guitars was founded in 2015 by Tobias Ahlke as workshop offering a complete range of repairs and high quality guitars. He now also makes classical, acoustic and electric guitars.


Afanti Music is a professional manufacturer and exporter, with near 20 years experience in string musical instruments. With reliable ablity to make new products according to your design. 


Mainly Produce:  DIY guitar kits, electric guitar, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, Banjo, mandolin, ukulele, guitar accessories, etc, with high quality and more cost-effective price, exported to more than 120 countries and areas. 


Group Corporation products: Saxophone, flute, clatinet, oboe, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, French horn, baritone, Euphonium, Tuba, marching instruments, Drum Set, Cymbal, drum hardware, electric keyboard, accordion, etc. 


Since 1993, we have specialized in manufaturing violin and guitar. You can find all kinds of musical instruments in our product line! Some related product information can be found at our website:

We are committed to providing you with the best value, high-quality products in our industry. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship has seen our company grow to become a leading musical instruments supplier in China.

Besides, we have QC team to control the quality of products. All the products you receive will be in good condition!

Nowadays Aileen Music is exporting its products to 105 countries and regions around the globe. Aileen Music has long-term dealings with numerous oversea clients and has built up a good reputation among them.

GUILD A-50 #32854

1964 Guild A-50 Sunburst

I bought this guitar from my older brother back in 1972 for $75.00. He didn't know what he had, and I wasn't about to let it get away from me, so I mowed quite a few lawns to pay for it at 16 years old,

I really don't want to sell it, but I am retired and on a fixed income, so I need the cash. I just don't want it to go to someone who can't appreciate it for the rarity that it is, so I am posting it here!

Here's the details:

Sonic Sound and Light Inc.

Sonic has a great selection of todays top brands. From starter guitars, high end guitars, bass, Roland V-Drums, trust Sonic to provide superior service and quality. Sonic also has a great lesson program in guitar, bass, drum, piano and wind instruments. Sonic has the best guitar tech in Kamloops, come on down and talk to Rob to set up your guitar or help you wth any guitar problems that you may have. See you soon! 

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