Di Donato Guitars is a Venetian guitar maker who offer handcrafted and customizable instruments. Their main model is an electric guitar with a cast aluminium body, woodenbody  attachments and a hand finished neck.


Abel Axe guitars is the brandname used by Wyoming guitar maker Jeff Abel. Abel Axe guitars are notable for their aluminium bodies with holes or slots in them. The original production of Abel Axe guitars (with holes in the body) ran from 1994 and 1996. More instruments were produced in 2001, but this time with body slots instead of holes, and the company eventually ceased production.  It is estimate that less than 250 1994-1996 Abel Axe guitars were made.

In 2007 Jeff Abel and Mike Delaney of Delaney Guitars collaborated on bringing the Abel Axe back for custom orders only. Jeff creates the aluminum bodies and Mike makes the custom necks and state-of-the-art electronics for the guitars.

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The Zoybar is a collaborative project launched in 2008 by industrial designer Ziv Bar Ilan. The aim to create a comfortable and and playable instrument that was easy to assemble but efficient to manufacture in small numbers.

Zoybar instruments are built around a central bar. The headstock and tuners, the body wings, the pickups and electronics, bridge and even the neck and fretboard all bolt on to the bar. This means that every one of those components is inter-changeable, so you can experiment with lots of configurations.


Patrick Gigliotti creates his instruments in collaboration with USA Custom Guitars. Gigliotti guitars have a brass or aluminium plate top insert, finished in a custom pattern. this lets the guitar top resonate like an acoustic. This metal top is cut with a water-jet then set into a body with wooden back and sides (mahogany or swamp ash). The guitars are finished by Graphite Guitars using polyester base coat with polyurethane color and top coats. The body designs are either strat or tele shaped.


Ray Matter  founded the AlumiSonic guitar company in 2008, combining his background in manufacturing engineering and custom luthierie. AlumiSonic use 6061-T6 aluminium (aluminum) for their guitars. Their instruments have hollow bodies, which helps with lower tones. They claim that, with the correct amount of overdrive, their aluminium guitars can sustain a note infinitely.

Construction techniques are obivously completely different to traditional luthierie methods. Metal body parts are laser cut then seamlessly welded together. The aluminium can be polished and clear coated or chrome plated (shiny!).

The aluminum bodies are grounded to the bridge, strings and input jack (perhaps this is not ideal but most guitar manufacturers use this technique). Aluminum also provides RF shielding of the electronics helping to cancel hum.

The Alumitar


The Alumitar was created by Paul Rubenstein. Imagine a guitar neck with no back, the curve of the fretboard going all the way around, now take away the frets and you have the Alumitar. It looks like it is made from an aluminium tube, it has 10 strings evenly spaced around the outside of the tube.


Andreas Shark Electric guitar front view

Manufacture of the SHARK GUITAR began in the 1990s and ended around 2003. The body was single cutaway with ergonomic contours, major changes were made to the model in 2003, making it slightly more conventional.

Specifications (2002 and before): maple body, bolt on maple neck, aluminium fingerboard and headstock, EMG or Seymour Duncan pickups, Schaller locking tuner, Schaller 2000 bridge. Andreas softcoating finish, in Blue, Red, Black, Yellow or Green.  Scale 25.59 inches, width at nut 1.64 inch, width at tailpiece, 2.08 inches and weight 3.2 kg.

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ABEL AXE 2000-2001

Abel Axe aluminium bodied electric guitar 2001

Abel Axe made a limited number of aluminium bodied guitars during 2000-2001. These models differ from the original 1994-1996 instruments, as they used a slotted body pattern, rather than the holes. This series used different anodizing methods to create a thicker coating with more vibrant colors and used Warmoth necks. The price (when new) was $2500 for single-color, $2700 multi-colored finish.

These instruments a currently available at as custom orders.

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Abel Axe Teal aluminium bodied electric guitar 1995

The Abel Axe was an aluminium bodied electric guitar. The body of the Abel Axe was CNC machined from a solid slab of aircraft grade aluminium.
The Abel Axe had two Kent Armstrong pickups, Sperzel locking tuners, a Kahler tremolo (Abel Axe-T) or Gotoh fixed bridge, a bolt-on maple neck with 22 fret rosewood fingerboard (25.5 inch scale).
All guitars were sold direct to the customer.Prices (in 1995) were $995 with fixed bridge and $1095 with tremolo. You could buy the body only for $450.

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