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  • acoustic guitars

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1995 to 1998

ALVAREZ produced the 6015 ELEGANCE ROSE between 1995 and 1998


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2018$350goodPeterReceived email from T. Kruszka at St. Louis Music, stating that the model was produced 1995-1998, and retailed in 1998 for $1000. Confirmed that it is all solid woods; made in Korea. Mine has the best neck angle of any acoustic I have owned or played, so it seems a great bargain.

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ALVAREZ 6015 ELEGANCE ROSE reviewed by Anonymous

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The 6015 is a fine guitar, built a bit hefty (braces appear to be of a hardwood, and not at all like lightweight quartersawn spruce of the finest guitars). The 6015 I bought used has a perfect neck angle, and the top sits virtually flat, so the bridge and properly situated saddle support the strings at a really playable height. Aside from excellent, low action, the factory nut and saddle achieve nearly perfect intonation. A slight compensation I filed into the saddle for the B and low E strings brought the guitar's overall pitch accuracy to an A+. The tone of the guitar is not "better than a Martin D-18", like another comment I had read-- but for the price range it is an amazing guitar. Basically, the market won't pay all that much for an Alvarez branded instrument, since the brand is dominated by and known for low cost production models. This, and the 6010 are true "sleepers", and finished in an unusual "violin finish", they are a pleasure to own.

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