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The AJ60SC has a Cutaway Jumbo body style. Top is  Englemann Spruce with Maple back and sides. Rosewood fingerboard with System 600TMk II electronics. The body is bound with back and white multi-ply binding, it has gold plated or nickel die cast tuners, a rosewood bridge. Blonde finish only.

Retails for around $530 in 2008.


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ALVAREZ AJ60SC reviewed by Anonymous

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I've had mine a few years, and it has held up excellent - good build quality. Easy on the eyes too! Neck is extremely playable, more than most. Not as bassy as you might expect with a jumbo - but this is a good thing. You don't want it to compete, especially with your vocals. though it has a very solid bottum end with the body style it favors the mids with very good harmonics and pearly highs. This gives it balance tonally. Sits in your lap or on strap comfortably - not a typical jumbo. Electroncs are great, especially if you buy the additonal aux pickup/condensor for blending etc. Sounds great! I have my action low, and have not needed to adjust the neck. Tuners stable. I would recommend changing the hut to Tusq and bridge saddle to bone and watch what happens! If you liked it before, you'll love it even more. For the price this is a very good quality guitar, a pleasure to play.

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