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Dime Amplification is a brand founded by Dean Guitars and Dimebag Darrell’s estate. The brand was founded to make a new amp (the D100) that would recreate Dimebag Darrell’s signature solid-state snarl, and they enlisted the help of Grady Champion and Gary Sunda. Champion was Dime’s guitar tech of 13 years, and Sunda was the designer of Dime’s original and favorite amp.


Denis Cornell founded Cornell Custom Amplification in 1991. Denis Cornell has built repaired, serviced and custom designed amplification systems for many years. (Sound City's groundbreaking MKIII / IV amp's were co-designed by by Denis along with Brian Hucker)  Over the years Denis has helped design amps for many of today's big brand amp manufacturers. As a freelance consultant Denis Cornell has sorted complex technical problems and helped Fender Europe with new designs. Denis has been called upon to help major companies grow and launch their products and had a key role in Arbiter Group's London facility in designing products for them.


Ashen Amplifiers is run by Vitaly and Natalia Godzhaeva in Southern California since around 2014, with over 50 years experience in sound amplification. They previously used the E&M Music Productions brand name. This family run company designs and hand crafts lightweight, powerfull, good sounding and beautiful custom cabinets.

Carl's Custom Amps

Carl (Carl's Custom Amps) builds vintage style tubes amps from the 50's, 60's and 70's. All his amps are hand wired and he offers a number of standard models but with many options. Some models are also available as working chassis for those who wish to source their own cabinet and speakers. Mods and customization are available for each model.  He also build lots of custom amps and performs repairs and mods on all models of tube amps.


Zilla Custom Cabinets is a UK company which makes a range of standard size cabinets with a choice of speakers, tolex, grill cloth, piping, hardware and other construction options.  They also produce custom amplifier cabinets so if you're looking for something a bit different, oversized, light-weight, easy to carry, a combo extension cabinet or anything your heart desires they can make it for you.

Source: Zilla Custom Cabinets website (29 January 2020)


Armas guitars established the Brave amplifiers brand in 1999. Armas Guitars is located in the town of Catania, a city on the Italian Island of Sicily with a rich history of musical instrument manufacturing.


BIGTONE Custom Amplification started in Valencia (Spain) in 2009 as a partnership between José Manuel Torrelo and Octavio Valero. Both had more than 15 years of experience in the guitar amplifier world as players, experience as an electronics engineer and a dealer of amplifier brands.


Brian Wampler founded Wampler Pedals, Inc. in 2007 as a guitar effects pedal company. Wampler started out by modding existing pedals before making his own designs. Wampler was active in the online DIY pedal-building community and self-published a series of books on guitar pedal design that helped launch the careers of other boutique guitar pedal builders. The very earliest Wampler pedals were made in Brian's garage, before production was moved to a factory in Kentucky and circa 2019 Wampler effects were made and distributed by Boutique Amps Distribution in California.

Source: Wampler pedals website (17 October 2019)


Steven Fryette founded VHT Amplification in Studio City, Los Angeles, California in 1989. Steven Fryette had started out in 1976 as a technician at Valley Arts in California doing repairs and custom work. The company name was changed from VHT to  Steven Fryette Design, Inc in 2009 and began using the Fryette Amplifcation brand name for its products. The VHT brand name is still in use by a different company. Fryette Amplification manufacture hand built electric guitar amplifiers, speaker cabinets, power amplifiers, sound effects pedals and pedalboard accessories.

Source: Fryette Amplification website (8 October 2019)

Perri Ink

Perri Ink was founded by Nick Perri (guitarist with Silvertide and other bands) in 2009  and his early models (Prostar and Solostar) were made in Nick's home town of Philadelphia. The Perri Ink Cartel store opened in 2011 on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, California and offered custom guitars, custom motorcycles, clothes, tattoos, haircuts and piercings. In 2012 the company revamped its operations and launched new instrument and hardware lines - including cabinets, pickups and pick guards. The Perri Ink Cartel store closed in 2013, and Nick went back to working on original music, returning to the stage in 2014.

Source; Perri Ink website (archived 2011)


Mojotone is a supplier of vintage electronics and maker of custom and vintage reproduction speaker cabinets, and pickups. Mojotone also provide OEM services to boutique amp and guitar brands but also supply hobbyists & DIY buidlers. Mojotone was founded in part by Andy Turner who started out with a small repair shop in Winston-Salem, NC.

Source: Mojotone Pickups website (11 June 2018)


MESA/Boogie began in the late 1960s San Francisco with Randall Smith who developed a novel “cascading” tube preamp circuit housed in a compact high power combo amplifier (by modding Fender Princetons). Carlos Santana tried out this little high gain amp and concluded “This thing really Boogies!” - and so the amp was named. After modding 200 of these Princeton amps by 1971 Smith had to start making his own amps in his garage workshop to meet the growing demand for the Mark I Boogie model. In 1980 MESA introduced the Mark II Boogie - the first channel switching amplifier. 1986 saw the introduction of the Mark III with its clean, crunch and lead modes, and in 1989 the 85W Mark IV was released.


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