Aria 5102G

  • Aria 5102G thinline hollow bodied electric guitar
    Aria 5102G


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  • electric guitars

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1970 to 1975

The Aria 5102G was a thinline ES-335 style hollow bodied electric. Available in sunburst or cherry it was similar to the 5102T - but had a trapeze tailpiece, gold hardware and covered humbucking pickups. It also had a bolt-on maple neck, rosewood fingerboard with block inlays, tune-o-matic style style bridge. It had a maple laminate body (almost hollow except for a 3/4" square solid block underneath the bridge),

Specifications (28)


41.5 × 15.75 × 2 in
Finish colorsThree tone sunburst, red finish
Finish effectssunburst finish
Made inJapan
Bindingbody binding, neck binding
Number of strings6 strings
Scale length25.5 inches scale-length


Controls materialblack controls
Controls shapetop hat controls
Number of control knobs4 control knobs
Pickup selector controls3-way selector switch
Tone controls2 tone controls
Volume controls2 volume controls


Pickups configuration2 humbucker pickups


Body styleES-335 style
Hollow bodyhollow body
Pickguard materialblack pickguard
Soundhole2 f-holes


Bridgetune-o-matic bridge
Hardware colorgold hardware
Tailpiecetrapeze tailpiece


Fingerboard inlay materialpearloid fingerboard inlays
Fingerboard materialrosewood fingerboard
Fingerboard position markersblock fingerboard position markers


Neck jointbolt on neck
Neck materialmaple neck
Number of frets21 fret
Tuner layoutthree-each-side

Prices (3)

2017€900goodMichelLutherie de haute qualité, sustain puissant, jouabilité: du velours! Àceux qui ne connaisse pas, à découvrir!
2017€1250goodMichelLutherie de haute qualité, sustain puissant, jouabilité: du velours! À ceux qui ne connaisse pas, à découvrir!
2018$225wornJosh GSomeone replaced the neck entirely, botched the wiring, replaced the pickguard, ditched the humbuckers, and gave it a tremolo bar. But after a few repairs on the electronics it sounds like a dream. I'm not finished on cosmetics yet and may try to get a custom neck made up but I'm in love with this guitar. It sounds like a dream and even in the state she's in looks like a million bucks. However when I stumbled across mine half the pots were non functional and the switch was malfunctioning. Not sure if it's common or a "you get what you pay for" situations.

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Aria 5102G pickups

As far as I can tell, the pickups are old [and very beautiful] P90s.

These are amongst the earliest Aria models, '74 or thereabouts, and despite their truly excellent quality, many of them [like mine] had shrinkage and warping issues due to climatic differences - glues that worked fine in Japan didn't necessary do so well in other countries, longer aging of critical hardwoods was required - this was pretty rapidly sorted out once the problem became clear, but you should be prepared to visit a competent luthier with it, if you're ever lucky enough to find one, and it should be worth every penny.

Any weakness in a hollowbody's structure, and the neck alignment goes squiffy pretty quick - and mine had been played so hard the fingerboard was worn away in several places...!

Aria Pro II era

The Aria Pro II instruments were not produced before 1975. Period. Therefore there is no such thing as an "early 70's Aria pro II".