• Aria Pro II U-100
  • U-100 DiMarzio dual sound humbuckers
  • U-100 active and passive controls
  • U-100, headstock and brass nut.


Brand name: 


  • electric guitars

Dates of manufacture: 

1982 to 1984

The Aria Pro II U100 electric guitar was part of the Urchin series made in the early 1980s. According to the Aria Pro II catalog the U100 has an ash body with walnut stripes and maple through neck. The scale length is 650mm and it has a 24 fret ebony fingerboard with oval eye shaped inlays. The Pickups are DiMarzio dual sound humbuckers and it has a Super-Tunable bridge and Quick-hook tailpiece. The nut is brass.

This guitar has a remarkable number of switches and knobs. The U100 has both passive and active circuits (U circuit type 1) - with a master volume and two tone controls, two dual sound switches, phase switch, pickup selector switch. The active circuit has a boost level control, over booster switch, active tone selector switch, tone selector cancel switch. It came in transparent red of golden yellow finishes.


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1982$375excellentDennisplayed maybe 3-4 hours total. just checked by pro. perfect condition.
1991$175wornDamaged edge one side, electronics have been worked on

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