• The Katy Lindsay guitar has a chess set body
    Bingham Katy Lindsay - body
  • Chess pieces are integrated in the body
    Bingham Katy Lindsay - side
  • The custom scratchplate has a Slash graphic
    Bingham Katy Lindsay - front
  • String trees are chess pieces!
    Bingham Katy Lindsay - headstock
  • More chess pieces.
    Bingham Katy Lindsay - headstock rear
  • Bisected queen makes a beautiful neck joint adornment.
    Bingham Katy Lindsay - neck joint
  • Rear of the guitar with chess board
    Bingham Katy Lindsay - rear
  • Inside the chess box is a useful compartment.
    Bingham Katy Lindsay - storage


Brand name: 


  • cigar box guitars

Dates of manufacture: 


Here is Tom Bingham's latest guitar made from a chess box for a friend . He named it the "KATY LINDSAY GUITAR" in return for one of her fantastic psychedelic drawings. It has two pickups with tone and volume controls. Inside the box is a compartment for cable, capo, tuner or other contraband.

Tom continues the chess theme throughout this guitar, using chess pieces both for decoration and for functional purposes (like string trees and switches).


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