• Bingham Guido guitar
  • Bingham Guido guitar, full view
  • The round mesh knob is a secret compartment!
    Bingham Guido guitar, body
  • Bingham Guido guitar, headstock
  • Bingham Guido guitar, back


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  • electric guitars

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Tom Bingham's latest creation is the GUIDO Steampunk guitar, based loosely around the Guy Fawkes traditional celebration. In 1605 Fawkes planned to blow up the British Parliament building (he is sometimes remembered as the last man to enter Parliment with honest intentions).The Guido guitar has 5 pick-ups with a 3 way selector switch. Tom made the whole thing from scratch using a licensed Floyd tremolo, Bakelite knobs, brass, leather, napkin rings, a toilet roll holder, an old alarm clock and various bits and bobs from eBay.  The round mesh knob unscrews and is a secret compartment for stashing items for your secret plots.


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