Guitar shaped houses

When you become a famous guitar player, why not remind everyone by living in a guitar shaped house? When the children misbehave you can send them to their rooms up in the headstock for some peace and quiet!

Take a look at this guitar shaped house in Fayetteville, Georgia, USA.

Here is another one in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. The house itself isn't guitar shaped, but the whole garden is landscaped to look like a guitar. The avenue leading to the house is the neck, lined with 19 "fret" trees.

When you have your guitar house, you will need a guitar shaped swimming pool. There are hundreds out there, here is a good example in a motel on Elvis Presley Boulevard in Memphis.

Even better if you build your house on a guitar shaped island like St. Kitts in the Caribbean.

Or why not build it on a neutron star and its guitar-shaped nebula?

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guitar-shaped music museum

This one is even better! Downstairs has guitars and music for sale and a setup of the control room of WOPI radio. Upstairs is the museum with a collection of instuments and other music memorabilia. You can see it for yourself at 3245 W State St/, Bristol, Tennessee.