Teenar the Guitar Girl

Teenar is a guitar made from a girl mannequin. Because she is armless it looks creepily like the player's arms are really her arms. Guitar maker, musician and artist Lou Reimuller from Richmond, Virginia made her in 1986, around the same time as the film Mannequin, a romantic comedy starring Kim Cattrall as the mannequin and Andrew McCarthy as her love interest. There is no record of Teenar's film career, maybe she needs a better agent, but she has probably aged better than Kim Cattrall.

This guitar reminds me of the creepy mannequin art of Jake and Dinos Chapman, that appeared in the 1990s. What about a series of guitar mannekins of famous players like Jimi Hendrix? This is another bizarre-guitar-classic for our archives at guitar-list.com : don't question why these guitars are made, just rejoice that there are still people eccentric enough to make them.

Link: More Pictures of Teenar the Guitar Girl.

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