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Stories about the weird and wonderful world of guitars.

Teenar the Guitar Girl


Teenar is a guitar made from a girl mannequin. Because she is armless it looks creepily like the player's arms are really her arms. Guitar maker, musician and artist Lou Reimuller from Richmond, Virginia made her in 1986, around the same time as the film Mannequin, a romantic comedy starring Kim Cattrall as the mannequin and Andrew McCarthy as her love interest. There is no record of Teenar's film career, maybe she needs a better agent, but she has probably aged better than Kim Cattrall.

Guitar pickup clock


Joe Hoffman made this clock in the shape of a single coil stratocaster pickup . Six nixie vacuum tubes display the time, where the pickup's magnets would be.
The top and bottom of the pickup-clock were cut out of stainless steel by the Big Blue Saw Company. You send them a design and they will cut it out using their CNC waterjet and send it back to you.

NES Paul


Nintendo released their Entertainment System (NES) in 1985-1986. By the 1990s it's technology had been surpassed by other consoles and most NES boxes were gathering dust in cupboards or attics.

Les Paul coffee table

Les Paul coffe table

This guitar coffee table was made by self taught metal artist Timothy Adam from Grand Rapids in Michigan. It is an oversized handmade version of a Les Paul around 5 feet long, 2 feet wide and 18 inches high. Made from mild steel it has a blue tinted clear coat.

The Les Paul table in the picture was sold to Barneys department store in New York in May, but Timothy can make you a custom order in any style from fender to the flying V.

With prices at $3,100 it might be cheaper to put your coffee mug on a real Les Paul!

Manzer Pikasso II


We love our multiple necked guitars here at guitar-list. This one was made as a custom order for Pat Metheny by Canadian luthier Linda Manzer. Linda Manzer is also responsible for the wedge shaped acoustic: an innovation that makes the guitar more ergonomic.

The Pikasso II has a total of 42 strings. The only problem is by the time you have finished tuning it your audience will have gone home.

Bass weirdness

wierdbass.JPG have assembled a motley collection of weird bass guitars, from alt.guitar.bass , and Ed Roman's Website. Which do you think is weirdest?

Their weirdness scale appears to rely on a combination of strange body shapes (animals, fruit ), unusual finish (furry ZZ-Top style), unusual body materials (Plexiglas), and extra necks or strings.

Matchstick guitar


In Victorian times matchsticks were used as a sort of wooden Lego. Using small pieces as building blocks elaborate structures can be assembled, without the need for specialised woodworking tools. Using this technique Englishman Jack Hall make a guitar, mandolins, ukulele, banjo and other instruments out of matchsticks. The acoustic guitar, made in 1937, used 25,000 matchsticks.

12 necked Stratocaster


Like radioactive giraffes, guitars have been sprouting extra necks for some time now. Witness Jimmy Page's double neck SG on live versions of “Stairway To Heaven” or the guy out of Cheap Trick with his many-necked guitar. Some guitarists have exploited the extra necks to musical effect, like ambidextrous virtuoso Michael Angelo.

Guitar Robots


Guitar robots anyone? Take a look at GuitarBot – built as part of the League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots (LEMUR) project by Eric Singer, Kevin Larke and David Bianciardi. The aim of the project was to create an electric slide guitar, with all the dynamics capabilities of a human player but with the potential to exceed the physical limitations of any human player. Guitarbot can play for longer and faster than any human and has an unlimited amount of fingers

The ultimate travel guitar

The worlds smallest guitar

This is a picture of the world's smallest six string guitar made at the Cornell Nanofabrication Facility. It is 10 micrometers long , the size of a single cell. The whole thing was made of silicon, as a demonstration of resonance and vibration at nano-scales. Harold Craighead, the director of the facility at the time described how it works,


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