Boss ME-5

  • Boss ME-5 multi-effects unit


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  • multieffects

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1988 to 1995

The Boss ME-5 Guitar Multiple Effects unit was introduced in 1988 as the companies first multi-effects floor unit. The ME-5 is a versatile effect device that includes five different effects, each with its own footswitch:

  1. The Compressor,
  2. Overdrive/Distortion
  3. Equalizer
  4. Chorus/Flanger
  5. Digital Reverb/Delay

  Each of these used circuits from the Japanese made Boss effects modules: the CS-2, DS-1, OD-2, RV-3, EQ-1, CE-1, DD-2, and BF-2. The incorporation of these classic analog pedals into these ME-5 units is one reason why they are still sought after.

  • The ME-5 can store ON/OFF of each built-in effect and up to 64 different effect programs (=Patches).
  • During live peformance, you can call any of the 64 programs or turn each effect ON or OFF in the Manual mode by pressing pedal switches. The ME-5’s memory capacity allows you to write ON/OFF (Effect-Bypass) of an external effect device connected to the Send and Return Jacks.
  • A Noise Suppressor is built in to reduce the noise that may result when using powerful distortion sounds.
  • Having MIDI Connectors, the ME-5 can control an external MIDI device, or be controlled by one. Also, the effect programs of the ME-5 can be recorded in a MIDI sequencer,
  • Using the specific Expression Pedal, the output level can be controlled.
  • With a tuning unit connected to the Tuner Output, tuning can be achieved even during live performance.
  • Headphones can be directly connected to the Headphone Jack on the ME-5.


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