Boss Cube Street II

  • Boss Cube Street Ii Battery-Powered Guitar Amplifier Black
  • Boss Cube Street Ii Battery-Powered Guitar Amplifier Red


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The BOSS CUBE Street II is a portable amplifier designed for mobile settings such as street performances or public speaking events. It is an updated version of the popular Roland CUBE Street, offering high-quality stereo sound for busking and other on-the-go gigs. Featuring dual channels, the CUBE Street II allows you to connect microphones and instruments without the need for additional equipment, ensuring immediate excellent sound quality. This amplifier is also lighter and more durable than its predecessor, thanks to its modern ABS injection-molded design. With its increased output power, the CUBE Street II delivers 10 watts of clear stereo sound that can easily cut through external noise. Additionally, by activating Eco mode, users can reduce power and extend battery life for quieter situations that do not require as much headroom. Available options for the BOSS CUBE Street II include black and red color variations.

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