Bozo B100 advert 1978

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Bozo B100 acoustic guitar advert 1978

This 1978 advert features an ornate B100 acoustic guitar designed by Bozo Podunavac. This was part of a Bozo range made in Japan by the K. Yairi factory under license, but not by the man himself.

Bozo WESTERN, FOLK & CLASSIC GUITARS. Model B100 There is probably no better way to introduce you to BOZO Guitars than to begin by introducing you to the man who has created them , Bozo Podunavac. Bozo was born and raised in Yugoslavia, and in his early years began his apprenticeship in making and repairing stringed instruments, a training period which lasted for five years, culminating in a series of state exams, qualifying ng him to begin his own business . Following a number of years work k in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Bozo left his home country and in 1959 sett led in Chicago where he worked for various music companies. His reputation as a master repairman and instrument maker grew and his work was much sought after by musicians from all over the United States. Drawing upon his experience, he performed numerous experiments concerning guitar construction, based upon the various strong and weak points of the many instruments which he had worked on over the years, and in 1965 he opened his own business. Over the past decade, Bozo Guitars have earned a reputation for being truly superlative instruments, unsurpassed in tone, playability, and in quality down to the finest detail. They’re also known for their beauty and for their amazing strength, as instruments virtually immune to warping and to the other problems which so often plague guitars. This reputation is not merely a coincidence, but the product of this man’s care, artistic ability, and true craftsmanship. Now available throughout the United Kingdom from leading music shops. Bozo Guitars Exclusive UK distribution, Summerfield, Gateshead.