42nd Street

product types: 

  • electric guitars
  • bodies
  • guitar kits
  • necks


42nd Street Guitars was founded by Angela Arnott - the 'Guitar Angel' - a UK-based luthier and vintage guitar restoration specialist since the 1990s. 42nd Street instruments are American vintage inspired guitars - built in the UK by Angela and her son Tig Arnott. They also offer a range of upgrade and replacement bodies and necks, all finished in nitrocellulose paints and lacquers, and available in a variety of NOS and aged styles. Whether you want a pristine pre-aged as new look or an authentically worn replica in your choice of vintage colour, they can customise items to meet your individual needs.

Source: 42nd Street Guitars website (12 September 2021)


42nd Street Guitars Forest of Dean , GLS
United Kingdom
Gloucestershire GB