65 Amps

product types: 

  • tube amplifiers
  • fuzz effects
  • overdrive and boost effects


65 Amps is aboutique amplifier and effects pedal company based in Huntington Park, California. 65amps was the product of Sheryl Crow's guitarist, Peter Stroud, needing to find a low powered solution for Sheryl's low stage volumes. With in-ear monitors getting better and better, many artists were looking for lower and lower stage volumes to allow for vocals to be and clean as possible on stage. This created the need for a low-powered solution that still sounds as rich and complex and larger tube amps.  Peter and long-time friend Dan Boul came up with an amp that would be robust enough for his gig with Sheryl Crow and from there the requests for more amps started coming in from all over. Within a few months of creating the first amp, more than 25 artists had requested one for themselves.

Source: 65 Amps website (archived 2018)


65 Amps
3383 Gage Ave
90255 Huntington Park , CA
United States
California US