Acoustic Liuteria

product types: 

  • acoustic guitars
  • electric guitars


Acoustic Liuteria is an Italian company which builds archtop, acoustic, semi-acoustic guitars, including Maccaferri style. Acoustic Liuteria was born from a partnership between Fulvio Cappelli and Saverio Sacco. Fulvio was a player first who then became a builder. He completed a classical guitar apprenticeship in Valencia (Spain) and also in Arezzo (Italy). In the early 1990s he began his own development on semi-acoustic and jazz arch tops that continues today. Saverio is a goldsmith, woodcarver and “inlay-man”, ans is also the owner of the company, together his wife Paola Mascagni the administrative manager, designer and style advisor. Andrea Sacco, the younger, with ensures the intergenerational transfer of the skills of the workshop.


Acoustic Liuteria
Via Porta all’Arco 30/a
56048 Volterra , PI
Pisa IT