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  • bass guitars


All Adamovic basses are designed and hand built by Nikola Adamovic. His passion for making basses started in the 1990's, with the modifications of his own instruments and later on for others. After reading many guitar building and guitar repair books and customizing several basses, he started to build them from scratch. Soon, people started to get interested in his instruments. The decision was made: Adamovic Basses was founded in 2001.
In 2002 Nikola closed the doors of the company to study guitar building and repairs at the Roberto Venn School of Luthiery. He studied guitar building with great teachers like John Reuter, Robert Mazullo and many others. He attended lectures on guitar repair from great people like Frank Ford, John Eaton, Jack Schwartz (Fender), Kelly Butler (Gibson custom shop, first Act) and many more. Since his graduation Nikola has worked full time building and repairing guitars and basses. The Adamovic Shop is located in Haarlem, The Netherlands, Europe. Since 2001, all their custom basses and guitars are hand made here, one by one, with the best woods and the best components available.


Tappersweg 75
2031 ET Haarlem