Aguilera (Paul)

product types: 

  • ukuleles
  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars


Paul Aguilera is a maker of all types of fretted stringed instruments. He studied guitar making in 1995 with Jeff Chapman in Brighton learning the basics of guitar making and learning modern instrument making techniques. He then studied classical and flamenco guitar construction with the master luthier Stephen Hill  and finished a BSc Hons in Musical Instrument Technology at the London  Guildhall University (the London School of Furniture) studying woodwinds and Guitar construction with Dave Whiteman with a first class honours. He was awarded a scholarship by the British Academy to study a Masters in Ethnomusicology at the prestigious School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in  London.
He then opened a guitar shop and workshop in Brighton: Aguilera Guitars, where he made and repaired guitars for the next seven years there. In this shop he worked on thousands of guitars and gained a huge amount of experience in a wide range of stringed instruments. In 2013 he emigrated to Argentina, set up up a workshop and guitar making school in San Esteban, Cordoba in the centre of the country.


Aguilera Guitars
El Nido, Estancia del buen retiro San Esteban