Alternative name: 

Aiken Amplification

product types: 

  • cabinets
  • tube amplifiers


Aiken Amplification is a small guitar amplifier manufacturing company based in Greenwood, SC, established in late 1999. Initially founded in South Carolina, the company moved to Georgia for a few years before returning to South Carolina. Randall Aiken, the founder, developed a passion for electronics at an early age, influenced by his elementary school science teacher. His interest in electronics and guitar led him to disassemble and study tube televisions and guitar amplifiers, eventually leading to building his own amplifiers and modifying existing ones. With two engineering degrees from Clemson University, Aiken has a diverse background in engineering, including design and consulting in various industries. Aiken Amplification represents the culmination of his extensive experience and passion for vacuum tube guitar amplifier design. Randall Aiken is committed to preserving the art of vacuum tube amplifier design and educates others through the Tech Info section of the company's website, aiming to share his knowledge and passion with fellow enthusiasts.

Source: Aiken Amplification website (17 February 2024)


Aiken Amplification Greenwood , SC
United States
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