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Alhambra has its beginnings in the early 1960s in a carpentry workshop when business partners Francisco Martínez Clavel, Ricardo Llorens and José María Vilaplana Vilaplana made their first Spanish guitar. The success of this first prototype, revised and refined with the help of local music teachers, led to the launch of a guitar making company called "Manufacturas Jachi", founded as a partnership by Francisco Martínez Clavel, José María Vilaplana Vilaplana, Ricardo Llorens Bonhome and his brother-in-law José Luis.

They quickly found themselves running out of space and decided to move to new premises on Cela Street in the town of Muro de Alcoy, where they employed a staff of about 20. Over the next few years, some of the original partners sold their shares and left the company, and José Botella Miró and Rafael Insa Satorre joined. On June 14, 1965, the company "Manufacturas Alhambra, S.A." was established, the founding partners being Rafael Insa Satorre, José Botella Miró, José Botella Valls, Jesús Cuesta Suárez, José María Vilaplana Vilaplana and Ricardo Llorens Bonhome. From this time onwards Alhambra has grown in domestic and international markets for stringed musical instruments in particular classical guitars with the traditional Spanish heel.

Source: Alhambra guitars website (20 December, 2018)


Manufacturas ALHAMBRA
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