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  • Lutes
  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars


Guitarras Almansa was established in 1989 in Muro del Alcoy (Alicante) as a manufacturer of Classical and Flamenco guitars. They trained their workers in the Madrid style of construction with the help of local master luthiers. At first they made guitars for the European markets but soon were exporting to Asia and America as well. They offer Student, Conservatory and Concert instruments, in an attempt to respond both to the needs of beginners  and experienced players. They are located in Muro del Alcoy (Alicante) and they manufacture their classic and flamenco guitars in a whole range of scale lengths (1/2 guitars and Cadete guitars), as well as cutaway guitars equipped with preamp systems.

Source: Guitarras Almansa website (11 January 2022)


Guitarras Almansa
C/Duquesa de Almodóvar 17
03830 Muro d'Alcoi , AC
Alicante ES

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