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Alosa was the archtop guitar brand of German luthier Alois Sandner who was making guitars from  1947 until 1958. The best known Alosa models were the No.18 "Black Queen" and No.21a "Black King“. Guitarists Vico Torriani and René Carol played ALOSA guitars in the 1950s. Vico Torriani can be seen playing an ALOSA guitar in the films  "Gitarren der Liebe“ and "Ein Herz voll Musik“.

The workshop was closed in 1958 and Alois Sandner concentrated on dealing musical instruments. In 1975, his son Helmut Sandner joined the company and continued the business after the death of Alois Sandner in 1984. Since 2010 his daughter Bettina Sandner took over the management of the company as the fourth family generation.

The  Alois Sandner brand is still dealing in string instruments and their components and accessories. Their main customers are violin makers and music shops in Germany as well as abroad.

Source: Alois Sandner website


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