product types: 

  • banjos
  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars


Alton was a brand name of Red Tree Music Inc a musical instrument distribution company. Red Tree Music was established in 1973 by Austin Lempit in Mamaroneck, New York. They began importing instruments (from Korea) using their own brand names: Studio One for electric guitars and effects and Alton for acoustic guitars and banjos. Lempit had to sell the business in 1978, due to a divorce, and the new owners dropped the Studio One brand name and started using the Zapp brand name instead. They also changed suppliers - some of the Zapp guitars were decent quality Japanese made instruments. Some of the electronic products - such as Zapp or Studio One practice amplifiers were cheaply made in the USA. Red Tree Music stopped trading in the early 1980s.

Source: Audio Tools: Red Tree Music Inc. (14 December 2021)


Red Tree Music Inc. Mamaroneck , NY
United States
New York US