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  • electric guitars


Ray Matter  founded the AlumiSonic guitar company in 2008, combining his background in manufacturing engineering and custom luthierie. AlumiSonic use 6061-T6 aluminium (aluminum) for their guitars. Their instruments have hollow bodies, which helps with lower tones. They claim that, with the correct amount of overdrive, their aluminium guitars can sustain a note infinitely.

Construction techniques are obivously completely different to traditional luthierie methods. Metal body parts are laser cut then seamlessly welded together. The aluminium can be polished and clear coated or chrome plated (shiny!).

The aluminum bodies are grounded to the bridge, strings and input jack (perhaps this is not ideal but most guitar manufacturers use this technique). Aluminum also provides RF shielding of the electronics helping to cancel hum.

You can buy guitars direct from their website, they currently offer a tele-thinline style range and an LP carved top, with prices starting around $1800.



Alumisonic Inc.
76 Highland Avenue
11795 West Islip , NY
United States
New York US