Alvarez & Bernal

product types: 

  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars


Alvarez & Bernal guitar shop. Artisans of music. Construction and sale of classical and flamenco guitars in Seville.


“Every teacher has his home and this is that of all the great musicians and artists who have trusted us to put music into their lives. We build guitars but with them we ensure that the world does not remain silent. We help things happen. We summon art, as spirits are summoned. Those in each instrument and in each artist, regardless of language or place of birth. You can simply feel it flying over the air with each chord. Because all art needs discipline, trade and, above all, sensitivity to understand it. We work with the hands, the ear and the heart. We are artisans of music. Of your music And for her we live. Welcome to my workshop. Welcome to your home. ”


Antonio Alvarez & Bernal, luthier.


Guitarreria Alvarez y Bernal
Calle Hernando del Pulgar, 20,
41007 Sevilla