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The Anderbilt brand was founded by Earl F. Anderson and used in the late 1960s on a range of floating neck electric guitars made by the Anderson-Bevers manufacturing company of Raymondville, Texas.

The unique feature of Anderbilt guitars was their vibrato mechanism: the neck was mounted on springs and could be pushed in toward the body and pulled away to raise or lower the pitch. 

Earl F. Anderson was also an Assembly of God minster, and was granted the patent on the vibrato mechanism in 1963.


Anderson-Bevers Manufacturing company
353 West Main
Raymondville , TX
United States
Texas US

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Anderbilt guitars

Earl Anderson was an Assembly of God minister and inventor of the floating neck principle for stinged instuments. His goal was to get more expression from the guitar much like a violinst. He and his bro-in-law produced and sold a limited number mostly to other ministers. Bro Anderson was concerned that the suspension system might become a maintenance issue over the long run and stopped production until he could redesign it. Keeping it in tune was never a problem to my knowledge but time away from the pulpit was. He was my pastor in the early 70's and we reconnected in the late 80's. We formed an informal partnership to perfect and produce the redesigned version. Circumstances and job requirements prevented resumption of production of the new model. He played the new version in church every Sunday as lonf as health permitted. After his death 8 or 10 years ago his family presented me with his guitar. It is a very cherished item.