Andrea Tacchi

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  • acoustic guitars
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Andrea Tacchi is an Italian luthier, born in 1956 and raised in Florence. He began making guitars as a teenager in the 1970s before meeting Ricardo Brané who had moved to Italy from Argentina and was making guitars and lutes. Tacchi learned from Ricardo Brané until Brané’s early death at age 44. During the 1980s Tacchi met and learned from Robert Bouchet and Daniel Friederich. He has since also met and learned from other fine makers Robert Ruck, Ignacio Fleta and José Romanillos all of whom have influenced Andrea’s approach ot guitar making.

In the mid-1990’s, Andrea Tacchi began making replicas of a Robert Bouchet guitar. Since then he has produced other replicas of the guitars of the Barcelona masters, Enrique Garcia and Francisco Simplicio. He has also developed new concert guitar models of his own design (including the Coclea and Thucea models) which have been admired by many players and professional performers around the world.

Source: Kent Guitar Classics: Andrea Tacchi (18 December 2020)


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