product types: 

  • bass guitars
  • electric guitars


Andreas Guitars were designed by Austrian Luthier Andreas Pichler and made in Austria 1995-2004. Pichler trained in luthiery from 1991 until 1995 in Hallsatt, Salzburg and also in 1996 in Florence. His company was officially established in 1997, although he had already been making guitars since 1995.

The Andreas factory was located in the Tyrolean region surrounded by the highest mountains in Austria. They used a 5-axis CNC machine and employed three workers in the production process. They used selected, uniformly dried woods, which were stored in a custom-made dry-room. The Andreas soft coating finish was applied using a special process and is one of the trademarks of the Andreas instruments. At the peak of production they produced around 30 guitars per month, and an estimated around 400 instruments in total. The international distributor of the instruments, Austrian string maker Thomastik-infeld, acquired the brand in 2003 but no more instruments were made. Aria distributed these guitars in Japan.

In 2008 Andreas Pichler was in Los Angeles designing acoustic guitars for Baden guitars .


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