Antonio Marin Montero

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Antonio Marín Montero was born in Granada in 1933. He did not come from a family of luthiers so his early years were spent working in various marquetry workshops. After working for Francisco Moya and Recaredo Veredas in 1957, he joined master Pérez's workshop. In 1959 he visited Eduardo Ferrer and around this time he set up his own workshop  at number 1 Laurel de San Matias street. After 4 years he moved Carretera de la Sierra. Five years later the success of Marín Montero's guitars meant a more central workshop was needed and he moved to Mariana Pineda street where people could visit more easily. In 1969 he moved  to number 15 Parrilla street (now called Paseo de las Palmas) where he shared a workshop with the famous guitar maker Manuel López Bellido. Finally, in 1979, he settled at 1 Cuesta del Caidero in a residential area in the heart of Granada, near Manuel de Falla's house.

Antonio Marín Montero  is influenced by the technique of the Parisien master Robert Bouchet and he uses his template. Marín visited the French master in 1977 and they became friends. Antonio Marín Montero has passed on his knowledge to many aspiring guitar makers who visited his workshop. He currently helped by his nephew, José Marín Plazuelo and José González López, who work with him in his workshop.

Source: Guitarras Marin website (10 December 2019)


Antonio Marin Montero
Cuesta del Caidero, 1
18009 Granada , GD
Granada ES