Arcangel Fernandez

product types: 

  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars


Arcangel Fernandez was born in 1932, he initially worked as a cabinet maker but in 1954 he became an assistant to Marcel Barbero in Madrid. When Barbero died in 1956, Fernandez began making his own guitars in Barbero's workshop. In 1959 Fernandez was joined by Marcelo Barbero's son Marcelo Junior and they went on to work together for the next 40 years. His reputation grew and he is considered one of the best ever Flamenco guitar makers. In 2007 (aged 75) Arcangel Fernandez stopped taking new orders. In 2011 (nearly 80) he officially retired and moved to the Canary Islands.


Arcangel Fernandez
Jesus y Maria, 26
Madrid , MD
Madrid ES