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James Ashborn was an English guitar maker born around 1816 who emigrated to New England in the late 1830s. He opened a workshop in Torrington, Connecticut and soon began selling instruments to New York distributors including William Hall & Son, Firth, Pond & Co (whose brand names appeared inside the instruments).

Ashborn's had a machinist's approach to instrument construction - suggesting he had some engineering training, and he equipped his workshop with water-powered saws and routers. Combining these powered tools with a mini production line of around 10 workers he was able to produce around 54 instruments per month. The Ashborn workshop ceased production around 1869.

Ashborn was known for parlor-style guitars with Spanish influenced interior bracing. Ashborn's banjos were the first banjo to employ improved friction tuners, amongst the first banjos to come with frets, and with geared tuners.

Source: vintage guitar magazine - James Ashborn

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